Fun Ways to Save Money as a Couple (Saving Ideas)
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9 Fun Ways to Save Money as a Couple (Saving Ideas)

Working together as a couple is one of the best ways to save money.

  • One way to keep your finances balanced and have fun is by exploring your mutual interests and hobbies.
  • Another way to save money is by creating a budget together and sticking to it.

Having a blast with your significant other while still saving money can be challenging, especially when the economy is running through a rough patch.

While it may seem daunting or even impossible, you can make saving money fun with your honey. There are many money-saving ideas perfect for couples.

How to Have Fun While Saving Money As a Couple?

As a couple, saving money can be fun as well, and the benefits of doing so are numerous. Couples who save money together are more likely to have enough money for their long-term goals, whether that means retiring early or buying a house.

Additionally, couples who pool their resources by saving from their salary are often able to take advantage of cheaper rates and deals.

Here we will provide a host of excellent ways to save some money for a rainy day in an enjoyable way as a couple.

1. Attend a Matinee Showing

While being one of the first of your friends to see the latest MCU or horror film brings a certain sense of pride with it, you can cut your ticket prices nearly in half by going to see a movie as a couple in the morning or afternoon instead of at night.

While this may prove difficult if you both work typical nine-to-five jobs (or even later, if you’re aiming for that promotion), see if you can find nearby movie theaters that have matinee prices on the weekends.

You can also use federal holidays like Presidents’ Day or Labor Day as an opportunity to hit the theater during the day with your sweetie. Trust me, the popcorn is just as tasty at one in the afternoon as it is at midnight.

2. Grow a Vegetable Garden Together

You don’t have to be a dedicated homesteader to learn that growing a bit of your own food really can save you money in the long run. Plus, you and your significant other will get plenty of sunshine, and you can work up a sweat and stay physically healthy.

Obviously, you’ll need a patch of land to plant in, such as your backyard or the side of your house, if it’s not too shaded. If you rent an apartment and don’t have your own land to start a garden on, search online for any local neighborhoods that offer community gardening opportunities.

For example, the neighborhood just south of my own area offers a community garden with over a dozen plots that anyone can use, as long as they sign up for a specific patch before the start of the growing season. If my wife and I didn’t already have our own backyard, this would be a great opportunity for us to take advantage of.

3. Split a Coffee

You don’t have to troll the Internet for money-saving advice for very long before you find an oft-repeated piece of frugal wisdom: nix the daily Starbucks latte. If regular coffee drinking is an expensive habit for one or both of you, cutting out fancy coffee entirely may be a smart choice.

However, you can be a bit less extreme in reducing your specialty drinks and still save some money. Instead of each of you buying a coffee when you’re out together, why not limit yourselves to one drink and share it. Besides cutting your costs in half, you can also look cute together as you take turns sipping your cappuccino or caramel macchiato.

4. Pack Each Other’s Lunches

According to, three-quarters of Americans eat out at least once per week, and Americans as a whole spend approximately $2,700 on eating out every year. This amount, which accounts for nearly half of their annual $6,000 spent on all food, can make a big dent in your savings.

Instead of eating out, the two of you can pack each other’s lunches the morning of your workday, or even the night before. After you’re finished with dinner but before you’ve put all the food away, it’s a simple trick to set aside a small lunch container’s worth of leftover spaghetti or meatloaf.

You still may want to attend some business lunches or go out with your coworkers on occasion, but brown-bagging it can save you big bucks. It doesn’t hurt that the two of you can write each other sweet notes (Sticky Notes are your friends here) and leave them in the lunch bag for a guaranteed smile on your partner’s face at lunchtime.

5. Go On a Library Date

Sure, the library may not seem like a hot destination if you’re looking for a wild night on the town, but you shouldn’t discard it as a money-saving option so quickly. The library offers all kinds of conveniences, from copies of the latest Stephen King bestseller to DVDs of your favorite shows and movies.

The two of you can make an evening out of wandering the stacks together, holding hands as you pick out a fun beach read or a physical copy of that hot new show, which is free to borrow but would have cost you $10.99 per month to watch through a streaming service.

6. Go Camping Together

Another fun exploits for both of you to enjoy is taking a camping trip. Not every vacation needs a mile-long itinerary or an exotic destination. Simply find a weekend, or even a single day and night, that you two can devote to spending time together in the great outdoors.

If you don’t have your own tent, see if your parents or friends have one you can borrow. Find a state or federal park that allows tenting, pay a small amount for the permit, and bingo! You can have a micro-adventure that doesn’t involve spending hundreds on hotels or tearing your hair out when your connecting flight gets delayed.

7. Set Goals Together for Grocery-Shopping

Remember how I mentioned earlier that Americans spend six grand on food every year? Over half of that amount is for groceries, so almost any effort you can put toward shrinking that massive number is worth it.

Fortunately, as a couple, you have the buddy system! Plan your grocery shopping for a time when you can go together. Not only does shopping with a spouse take a bit of the monotony out of the whole affair, but you can watch each other’s backs when Twinkies or extra bags of chips threaten to sneak into your cart.

8. Visit Thrift Stores and Garage Sales

If you’re looking for some new clothes or household goods but don’t want to spend department store prices, check out a local thrift store together, or spend a Saturday morning prowling local neighborhoods for garage sales.

You’re not guaranteed to find the deal of a lifetime at either of these venues, but you’ll probably save at least a few bucks versus shopping even at a discount outlet. Besides, the shared experience can be loads of fun.

9. Set Money Aside for Surprises

Romantic gestures can be extravagant, from beachside marriage proposals to luscious anniversary bouquets. If you don’t want to blow your budget out on high-dollar items more than a few times a year but still want to keep your spark alive all throughout life together, tuck away $20 or $30 each month for small surprises.

A small amount of money can be just enough for a small bouquet of “just because” flowers, a surprise trip to a tasting event, or maybe even a self-care kit for an at-home spa experience. When it comes to small but meaningful gestures, your imagination is your biggest limitation.

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