Speechelo Review: Is It Worth It? Here’s What You Need To Know

Have you ever wondered how some YouTubers sound so amazing? It seems like everyone including their grandmas speaks perfect native English.

The trick is, many of the big-time YouTubers use AI voice-over to create their videos, while most of this software is pretty bad, there are a few that differentiates themselves from the rest.

Speechelo is regarded as one of the best text-to-speech software in the market, and here is a review after using Speechelo for some time for my YouTube channel, IncomeBuddies as well as personal projects.

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Without further ado, let’s take a look at how Speechelo fair is one of the best text-to-speech software. As a user of Speechelo myself, do I think it is really worth the money, and should you consider it for your next project!

Speechelo Review – Product Overview


AI-Driven Realistic Human Sounding Text-To-Voice Software

Antony C.

Customer Service


Speechelo transforms any text into human sounding voice in just a few easy steps. With over 23 languages to choose from and a massive library of 30+ available voices. Speechelo is driven by AI technology, that mimics the natural human voice, Speechelo helps to make voiceover easier than ever.



✔ Easy to use and generate voiceovers that sound real

✔ 30+ different voice options to choose from for both male and female

✔ Ability to speak like a native speaker

✔ Able to transform any text into speech

✔ One of the few text-to-speech software that adds inflections to the voice

✔ Able to read the text in 3 different ways: normal tone, joyful tone, and serious tone.

✔ Able to generate voices of different languages; English and 23 other languages.


✖ Adding music in Speechelo requires buying an add-on. If you want to save on the add-on you can add the music using any 3rd party software or when you upload the video to YouTube.

✖ Standard license allows you to generate 5000 characters each time which can take a long time if you need to generate a long speech. (Pro version allows you to generate 12,000 characters each time)

✖ Standard license allows you to generate 500,000 words each month while a pro license generates 700,000 words each month

What Is Speechelo?

Speechelo is a Text-to-speech software that is designed to mimic the voice of a real person by combining changes made to the tone of the voice as well as the textual tone of the voice.

The idea behind this is to create a variation of the voice where it simulates the voice of a real person.

While most of the task is automated, manual twigging of the voice can lead to amazing results.

Let’s take a look at how this program works!

Features of Speechelo

AI-Driven Text-To-Speech Conversion

Speechelo software has one of the best AI-Driven text-to-speech engines which can generate realistic and natural-sounding human voices. Compared to other software in the market, Speechelo has the ability to add inflections that mimic the mood, pitch, and tonality of a real human.

There are 2 modes to choose from:

  • Standard – Allows fine adjustment of everything you want to say using this software.
  • AI – AI-optimized text-to-speech which allows you to create an amazing voice with a few clicks.
Speechelo Typing Interface (Adjustment - Manual)

Standard Mode

Real humans breathe between long sentences, and so do Speechelo, you are able to add pauses and change pitch or emphasize words using this software.

By using the standard creation, you are open to many more options to tweak, what you want to say, how you want to say it.

AI Mode

AI technology allows for simple and easy conversion of any text into a native speaker speaking to the audience.

Even with AI, you are still able to make specific changes to words or sentences in which you want to emphasize some information

Speechelo Typing Interface (Adjustment - AI)

Voice Production and Generation

The main highlight is voice production. Right from the start, using the standard Speechelo, you are given 30 different voices to choose from, and 13 of them are in different forms of English.

  • 9 American English
  • 1 Australian English
  • 2 British English
  • 1 Indian English
  • 1 Welsh English

Each time you can generate 5000 characters, which is equal to approx. 700 words. But if you want to generate more words each time, you can consider upgrading to Speechelo Pro, which also you to generate 20,000 characters (2,000 to 3,000 words), 4x the voiceover.

Multiple Languages

One of the important features of Speechelo is the ability to have multiple languages. You can get access to over 23 languages in just this program.

The transliteration of the voiceover can be changed into any form which you like or prefer. Select the dialect and the type of voice you will like to have masculine, feminine, or even kid voice for the final product.

How many languages are supported by Speechelo?

Speechelo support 23 languages; English, Mandarin, Welsh, Turkish, Swedish, Spanish, Russian, Romanian, Portuguese, Polish, Norwegian, Korean, Japanese, Italian, Icelandic, German, French, Dutch, Danish, and even Arabic.

Speechelo Lanuguages
Speechelo Supported Languages

Speechelo even offers an add-on that allows you to translate your current text into other languages.

This opens a whole new level of flexibility for you to create voiceovers for audiences around the world.

Try Speechelo!

Speechelo Translation

Speechelo Price And Cost

Ok, I am convinced that Speechelo is pretty good, but it probably needs me to have a monthly subscription right?


In fact, Speechelo has agreed to let our readers from Income Buddies have this amazing product for a huge discount with no monthly fee! If you use this link, you can get Speechelo using a one-time payment with no monthly fees for a lifetime!

  • Cost Effective
  • No monthly subscription fee
  • Huge discount if you try it now using this link.
Speechelo Product

There are 2 packages for Speechelo;

  • Speechelo Package (Standard)
  • Speechelo Package (Pro)

Get access to one of the best Text-To-Speech Software with human-sounding voice for a one-time fee now!

Speechelo Standard

  • One-Time Fee
  • Original price of USD$97
  • The discount price as of writing is USD$47 one-time fee for a lifetime
  • 60-Day Money back guarantee

Speechelo Pro

  • Quarterly payment
  • Original price of USD$118 per quarter
  • The discount price as of writing is USD$47 per quarter
  • Cancel anytime
  • 60-Day money back guarantee

What to Expect After Buying Speechelo?

Wondering how the program looks when you are using it?

Here is a screenshot of when I first purchased the program.

Speechelo Screen. Income Buddies
Screen Shot of User-Interface for Speechelo

After buying Speechelo, they will send you the password and the link to the software through email.

When I first buy the product, I thought it will take them at least a few hours to send me the details. But to my surprise, they send me the email with all the passwords within 2 minutes of my payment, giving me immediate access to the software.

The process of logging in is seamless and simple.

  1. Get the password from the email
  2. Click the link to the program
  3. Enter the pass work with your registered email
  4. Login
Speechelo After purchase

After accessing Speechelo, you will be greeted by a training view that shows you the step-by-step process of using Speechelo.

I will highly recommend anyone who first uses Speechelo watch the video before proceeding.

Although the video is spoken in an English accent, it is considered quite clear and as an English speaker with a different accent myself, I am able to understand what it says.

The training video teaches you how to best create a human-sounding voice, such as using of punctuation and tweaking the different settings for voice generation.

Speechelo Screen. Income Buddies

I do think Speechelo is pretty amazing, and with the price of a one-time fee, this purchase of an amazing human-sounding text-to-speech software is quite a deal.

Below, we have a simple sample of how we create a voice-over using Speechelo!

How To Use Speechelo

Using Speechelo is easy, and it is basically plug-and-play. When you’ve just started, you’ll just need to do 3 steps to create your first voiceover spoken by native speakers.

1. Paste Your Text

Simply paste the text you want into the online text editor. Their A.I. engine will check your text and will add all the punctuation marks needed to make the speech sound natural.

Speechelo Working Interface

2. Choose a language and a VOICE

With over 30 voices for you to choose from, including English, Spanish, Chinese, Tamil, etc. You can preview each voice and find the one that best fits your needs. Male, female, or even kids, it’s all up to you!

What’s more! You can add pauses in the speech and even choose the tone of the speech: Serious, Joyful, or just normal.

Speechelo Working Interface
Speechelo Working Interface Example Manual
Manual Generated Text-To-Speech

3. Generate & Download

In Just a few seconds you’ll have your very own voiceover generated. Simply click play to listen to the voiceover directly from Speechelo. If you love it, just click  DOWNLOAD, and your brand-new voiceover can be used for your projects.


Looks simple?

Well, it is just that simple, and I actually create my own video using Speechelo some time ago. Without making any changes, and as a beginner in using Speechelo, I’ve created this video below.

Although I admit, it can be better, for someone who uses Speechelo for the first time, I think this is quite decent.

Here is how Speechelo should sound like created by a pro.

Big difference? Yup, that is because of the punctuation.

Let’s try Speechelo now!

Instantly Transform Text Into REAL Human-Sounding Voice-Over with 3 clicks!

Is Speechelo A Good Software?

In my opinion, I think Speechelo is simply amazing. It is one of the few text-to-speech software in the market that is able to create realistic human-sounding voices spoken by native speakers.

Not only it can create realistic voice-over fast, but the user interface of the software is also simple to understand and easy to navigate.

Is Speechelo A Scam?

No, Speechelo is not a scam. I’ve brought the program myself and have used it to help make some of the most amazing voiceovers for my YouTube videos.

Although there is scammy software out there promoting as legit software, Speechelo is a legit software that is able to create quality voice-over in a short time.

Can I use Speechelo for YouTube?

YouTube has no problem with you using text-to-speech software such as Speechelo as long as the content you provide is original and does not violate any of YouTube’s rules and regulation guidelines.

According to YouTube, only the following are not allowed:

  • Spam & deceptive practices
  • Sensitive content
  • Violent or dangerous content
  • Misinformation
  • Sale of Regulated goods

Text-to-speech software which helps you in creating unique and amazing videos is allowed. Take a look at the video below, where I use Speechelo to create one of our videos.

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