Are you a leader that everyone looks up to? Are you looking for a mentor whom you can approach for guidance?

If you want to a great leader. You will definitely need some great advice. People management is never easy.

Why some companies fails while others succeed?

Research shows the quality of leadership is always the key. A great leadership brings prosperity and success, while a poor leadership only bring failures. The best advice you can get are from people whom are successful leaders themselves.

Successful leaders brings the best out of each individual are the best people to ask and they are here for you right now!

While some of you may be tempted to pay a huge sum to get an MBA or go for classes and seminars, books are essentially the most easily accessible and affordable way to start learning from some of the greatest leaders in the world.

Why These Leadership Books

Leading and managing dozen of employees can be tough. You don’t always have the luxury of time flipping mountains of leadership books, reading and figuring out which books you need to read to help you attain the next level.

In this short article, I’ve made a list of the best leadership books you should read to help you in your road to success. 

As a bonus I have made a simple guide to help in recommending which are some of the books you may want to read first.

“Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers.”

Wisdom of Harry Truman

5 Best Leadership Books?

What follows is a comprehensive review of the few carefully picked best leadership books, selected either because they are the best sellers, or because highly recommended book that have changed my life. If you don’t want the deep dive and would rather get to the point with some useful takeaways.

Here are the best leadership books you should read:




The New One Minute Manager By Ken Blanchard

The New One Minute Manager

Ken Blanchard

Best First Management Book

The Power of Positive Leadership - How and Why Positive Leaders Transform Teams and Organizations and Change the World By Jon Gordon

The Power of Positive Leadership

Jon Gordon

Best Guide To People Motivation

The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership - Follow Them and People Will Follow You By John C. Maxwell

The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership

John C. Maxwell

Best Rule Book For Successful Leaders

Leaders Eat Last - Why Some Teams Pull Together and Others Don't By Simon Sinek

Leaders Eat Last

Simon Sinek

Best Great Leader’s Guide Book

Radical Candor - Be a Kick-Ass Boss Without Losing Your Humanity By Kim Scott

Radical Candor

Be a Kick-Ass Boss

Kim Scott

Best Book For Your Boss

Best First Management Book

The New One Minute Manager

By Ken Blanchard

The best leadership book that tops my list. A classic in its field that every aspiring leaders should have, I have ‘The New One Minute Manager’ by Ken Blanchard.

For the past four decades, this management and leadership book has helped millions to achieve more success in both professional and personal lives. It is a classic management book that every managers and leader should read.

If you have read the previous ‘The One Minute Manager’ by Kenneth, Ph.D. & co, this book will definitely be a must read!


While the principles of the ‘One Minute Management’ is the same. Our world has changed a lot for the past four decades since the book’s publication.

The rise of the digital age and the power of instant communication have change the world into something that is totally unheard of decades ago.

Pressure are on the workforce to do more with less.

The revolutionizing of the world allow corporate to perform and completed task that previously requires huge amount of resources, funding, and staff can now be completed with a simple click.

Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson have written The New One Minute Manager to help us. We who are leaders or aspired to be one will be equip with this book’s powerful, important lessons to lead the new generations.

Three simple but important secrets about leading others, the lesson you need to become better leaders.

What you can learn from this book is not only from some of the most inspiring manager, but also one of the best teacher of management.

The book that teaches a priceless lesson you will always remember.

Arguably one of the best leadership books for all leaders and managers.

What I Like

  • Easy digestible content
  • Simple lessons for one of the best teacher of management
  • The book is structured for great bedtime read, each lessons are taught as a short story.
  • Great insight of how a struggling leader become a great leader himself
  • Lessons that should be taught in business schools

What I don’t Like

  • When I first pick up the book and read. I find the concept far from conventional, but as the story progress, I started to understand the book. The lesson is absolutely priceless.

One of Best Leadership Book that every leaders and managers of people should read! A book that in my opinion a classic in the future years to come.

Best Guide to People Motivation

The Power of Positive Leadership

By Jon Gordon

Do you know who are the people whom you spend most of your waking hours with?

Give you a hint.

It is not your friends, nor your other half or your kids.

If you have guess it, it is your colleagues.

Yes, you spend at least 8 hours a day with your colleagues, but are you having the time of your life?

Or have you always heard people runt about how the work ‘sucks’ and the boss is ‘shitty’.

Since we spend most of our waking hours with our colleague it is our responsibility as the leader to make it a great experience.

Not only it will make your employee become more motivated for work, it will improve the productivity of your company or department.


Being positive is not because that life is easy. As a leader, you will face hundreds of obstacles, test and negativity in your way. This is just reality.

Positive leadership is the way to lead, if you want to build a great culture, unite your organization so that you may face and overcome adversity you may meet.

Developing a connected and committed team is the way to superior results.

Jon Gordon the author of The Energy Bus, has documented the success of leaders of our time who have transformed their companies, organizations and schools.

This books will journey us through history and discovered their paths to success. A framework of positive leadership with proven principles, compelling stories, practical ideas that will make you a positive leader.

The power of this book may just be what you need to motivate your team for success.

What I Like

  • Short stories that teaches important lessons of positive leadership
  • Good case studies of how positive leadership can change the lives of many
  • The foundation of a aspiring leader should learn for a successful happy life
  • A must read for all leaders of man and managers of people

What I don’t Like

  • Great content but the stories can be illustrated even better for us to remember

A life changing book to leadership success. A book that every leaders should have in their library of exceptional books.

Best Rule Books For Successful Leaders

The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership

By John C. Maxwell

Do you know your strength?

Do you know what are your weakness?

Do you want a guide book on leadership which will help you in guiding you and your people and lead you to success?

This expanded version of the classic best seller leadership book “The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership” by Dr. Maxwell shows you that 21 rules that every leaders should follow.

In this book, an exercise shall be performed at every chapter that will help you grow and succeed.

Equip with state-of-the-art evaluation tool that will help will reveal your leadership strengths and weaknesses you can now understand yourself. And by doing so, you shall grow into one of the most successful leaders of all time that people will look up to.


The author John C. Maxwell is an internationally recognized leadership expert and speaker.

He is an expert in coaching leaders who lead organisations and huge corporations to lead effectively.

Illustrated in different short stories in this book of “The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership”. He will teach you 21 important lessons that will make you come out as the top.

You shall be the leader well-respected.

What I Like

  • 21 lessons shown where each is shown with simple to understand short stories.
  • Straight and direct languages that allows easy understanding.
  • Step-by-step exercise that help you to grow in your mindset and leadership skills.
  • A rule book that is absolutely a must for leaders.

What I don’t Like

  • Can’t think of any

An essential book for leadership team to have. A classic leader’s rule book to help leaders who want to avoid the many pitfalls where other leaders face. 

Best Great Leader’s Guide Book

Leaders Eat Last

By Simon Sinek

Do you drag your feet to work everyday? Or do you tap dance to work like Warren Buffett?

Do you want to feel trusted and fulfilled at your work place?

Have you ever dream that one day you will be so excited and inspired to go for work?

This is not a dream, in fact great leaders can create such culture and environments.

A workplace where people are motivated to work as the dream team to do remarkable things and produce great results.

Do you want to build such a workplace?


Simon Sinek the author of New York Best Seller ‘START WITH WHY’ is a renown TED Talk speaker and business consultant who started a movement to help people become inspired at what they do and how they do. Which in turn inspire their colleagues and customers.

With more than 28 million who’ve watched his TED Talk based on ‘START WITH WHY’, he have inspired millions of entrepreneurs and business leaders.

In his new book ‘Leaders Eat Last’, he answer why some workplace where no matter what incentives are offered, are doomed to infighting, fragmentation and failure. While other organisations have teams that trust each other so deeply that they would put their lives on the line for each other.

The answer:

Great leaders sacrifice their own comfort for the good of those in their care.

But what exactly does it means? and why?

With the concept of the “Circle of Safety” that separates the security inside the team from the challenges outside. Simon Sinek shall illustrates his ideas with some of the most interesting true stories that range from the arm forces to big corporations, from government to private sectors.

What I Like

  • Case studies and stories of how leaders eat last helps to build a company culture where the employees are exited to come to work each day
  • An important guide for leaders who wants to change a company with toxic environment that lead to reduce in productivity into a company which is able to do remarkable things

What I don’t Like

  • Great concept but the idea can be pretty deep that is not easy to digest. Requires the reader to have a clear mind to understand each of the valuable lessons.

Leaders Eat Last beautifully articulated the idea where the difference between a Leader of Man who is well respected and a boss who was just given an authority. The difference between a team who will succeed and one which will fail.

Best Book For Your Boss

Radical Candor: Be a Kick-Ass Boss

By Kim Scott

What is the difference between a terminator and a leader?

Are you loved as a leader or feared as the one who shout at your employees and make them cry?

Do you think your employee likes you?

Do you want to be liked by your employee?

If you want to well-respected and well loved, ‘Radical Candor: Be a Kick-Ass Boss Without Losing Your Humanity’ is just the book you will need!


Kim Scott  the author of Radical Candor have pack this fun reading leadership book with truths, insightful advice paired with practical suggestions in stories that will make you smile.

Experiences the likes of Apple, Google, and some of the most interesting start-ups in our lifetime.

Radical Candor is the idea of ‘To be a good boss, you have to Care and at the same time that you Challenge’.

Challenging without caring is aggression; Care without challenging is not leadership.

Simple framework that can help you build better relationships with your peers and employees.

This books will show you how to fulfill your three key responsibilities as a leader:

  • To create a culture of feedback (praise and criticism)
  • To building a cohesive team
  • To achieve results you will be proud of

A guide book for managers like you on how to be a kick-ass boss while retaining your humanity.

But to understanding how habits works allows us, to exercise regularly and not stopping after just a week, to be more productive and not just for a few days.

Duhigg shows, by harnessing The Power of Habit, we can transform our businesses, and even our lives.

A book not only for startup entrepreneurs but for all who want success.

What I Like

  • Easy digestible content, best read during your break-time
  • Written in simple language that is straightforward
  • Great books for leaders who want to build a culture where all employees loved
  • Fun read that teaches you many important lessons of being a leader and a boss whom your employee likes

What I don’t Like

  • The concept is very simple but still worth the read

One of the best book to read out there that every leaders of companies should read.

Leaders who are not loved will have a hard time dealing with challenges. A motivated team is the only way to overcome challenges. As an kick-ass boss you can lead your team to success.

Reader’s Guide

How should I choose?

These are just a few of the best leadership books that every leaders should read.

Books that can changed into actionable step for a leaders who wants to grow. Hidden in each books are the concepts that can change the course of your team and how you should lead your team to success.

These books helps you to avoid pitfalls and take the proven path where successful leaders have took. Some can even change your life and the life of your loved ones.

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Reading all of them will take a while and most of us don’t have that much time to spare. We have a team to lead, money to earn and people to inspire.

Why not I suggest you just start with one.

Read the one that interest you most, the one that you feel that is talking closet to your heart. Let your feeling be your guide.

And from there you can check out the second book and maybe a third one.

Click on the questions below will bring you to the book that maybe the possible answer to your question. So what questions do you want to answer to guide you in this life changing experience?

  1. Are you spending too much time in managing your direct reports or employee? How about the idea of just 1 minute a day sounds?
  2. Is your working environment toxic and the people are dreaded in coming to work each day? Want to change that?
  3. Do you want the books that says ‘How to be a Leader 101‘, the book that will guide you in your leadership journey?
  4. Do you want to build a team where each team member are willing to do more and sacrifice for each other? A team that will overcome all challenge and emerge as victorious after each challenge?
  5. Or simple you want to be a Kick-Ass Boss!

There is no absolute right or wrong which to read first. The choice is yours.

“People who are truly strong lift others up. People who are truly powerful bring others together.” By Michelle Obama.

A good start is your first step to being a successful leader. And a good start can be achieved through knowledge learn from mentors who have achieve what you are aspiring for.

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Now you have read the few recommended Books and is on your way to success, but have you wonder what are the traits that makes some people so successful?

Read our next Article on some of the Traits That Successful People Have and you can simply copy.

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