Rating Methodologies

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Rating Methodologies

At IncomeBuddies, I believe in being transparent because I believe building trust with my readers. That’s why I share things like how we make money and how we rate each of the products/service.

IncomeBuddies’s star rating methodologies meet strict editorial guidelines and take into account dozens of data points that concerns entrepreneurs, investors and the average joes who are looking to grow their income and become better in handing their personal finance.

Ratings are determined by my personal experience with the product, or by experienced finance writers, editors and researchers who are passionate enthusiasts about personal finance.

Publications from IncomeBuddies.com has appear in MakingSenseOfCents, The Small Business Blog, Budgets Are Sexy, My Money Blog and Budget Simple. My other articles are published in Chron, WikiHow, Scoopt.it and other National media outlets.

For questions about specific ratings, please reach out by contacting us.

Data collection and review process

Before I begin my review process, I look closely at the top service/product providers and determine who the market leaders are in the industry. While assessing the various products/services in the sector, I would use the market leaders who are the most reputable in the industry as the based criteria.

Information accuracy and updates

I and my team of seasoned writers and editors will make updates throughout the year as needed to ensure the correctness and reliability of the information presented. I will contact the product or service providers on a periodic basis in order to keep the information current, ensuring that it is always up to date with the most recent information. Our readers can contact us via email at editor@incomebuddies.com if they need any clarification on the content.

The review team

The review team is comprised of mainly the founder of IncomeBuddies, Antony C. aka. Kopi Buddy who is a seasoned financial writer and experienced editor who will conduct in-depth research into the product/service by either using the product/service or conducting in-depth research and analysis to provide a unique perspective on the usefulness and practicability of using the product/service to assist the user in reaching their desired goals.

Occasionally, he will request for assistance from his friends, readers and team of season writers to give a second opinion about the product/service. Gathering unbias opinions about the product/service and helping his readers to make an informed decision through the review of the products.

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