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At income buddies, we help you make smarter financial decisions by equipping you with the right mindset, knowledge, and tools to find financial freedom.

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“Sound investment knowledge, financial literacy, and intelligent money habits can help millions of people around the world achieve financial security, freedom, and lead better lives for themselves and their loved ones.”

ABOUT INCOME BUDDIES is a financial diary created by Antony, a publishing author and personal finance enthusiast who is passionate about growing income and achieving wealth.

In 2018, Antony founded Income Buddies for the sole purpose of documenting his journey to Financial Freedom and hopes to share what he has learned in his articles.

With his main focus on growing income, he writes about investing, build an online business, smart money habits, personal finance and many other topics.

Here you will learn from the mistakes and success that he has learned over the past decades, as he journey to create financial freedom with his family.

Personal Finance

Learn about topics such as savings, debt management, budgeting, retirement planning, and passive income.


Grow your money by investing in income-generating assets like REITs, Stocks, Bonds, and Properties.


Understanding the mindset and lessons for starting, managing, and growing your business.


Kopi Buddy from

Antony C.


Antony aka. Kopi Buddy is a writer, entrepreneur, book author, and a husband to his lovely wife. He discovered his passion for financial education during his last years studying for his undergraduate. Throughout the years he picks up the art of “self-learning” and starts learning about personal finance, entrepreneurship and investing. Eager to learn and love to share what he learned in his journey of financial education he has created

Earning his first dollar doing part-time selling digital gadgets at IT show as a sales promoter in 2006, he become interested in learning more about money. Picking up his first book that introduce him to the world of financial education, he read “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” which changes the way he think about money.

As he grew his financial knowledge, he understands that investing and building a business are the only ways to true wealth and financial freedom. With that in mind, he goes on a lifelong journey of financial education and building his instruments of wealth. In his journey, he wish to help those around him to become financially free as well, thus with Income Buddies he wish to share what he learn with his readers.

Unlike typical internet gurus who make most of their income from “FREE” personal finance, business and investing seminars and promise to make you rich overnight. Antony, like many of his readers, comes from a humble beginning and met with many struggles when he first started to invest in his early 20s. Started learning about growing his money as a young adult, he invested his first stock in early 2008, during the period of the global financial crisis.

Today, he is a passionate investor with more than +15 years of experience in investing for passive income, and +8 years of experience building online business that helps him to grow his income and personal finance each day.

“Personal finance and investing should not be complicated.”

Antony c.

In his pursuit of reaching financial freedom, he read many personal finance books, and blogs, and joined dozens of online business and investor conventions and seminars where he learn from the best in the industry while exploring other innovative ideas that can help his readers to grow their income. As he learns more about the secrets of making money and growing an income, he shares new ideas on creating passive income through investing and from building online business.

At, he wishes to share his journey with his readers who are also passionate about taking control of their finance and growing their income to provide a better life for themselves and their family. Throughout the past decade, he has built a few different streams of income and have authored the book “Start Small, Dream Big“, a book where he talks about mindset change, overcome procrastination and being in control of your own life.

In his opinion, “blogs and books which talks about their personal experience are by far the best place to learn about personal finance.”

Understanding the importance of having a financial education which is reliable, genuine and with clarity, he ensure all the information that he have shared with his readers to be at the highest quality standard. You can check out the editorial guidelines for more information.

Our Vision

Educating people around the world to achieve better lives for themselves and their loved ones through better financial decisions.

At IncomeBuddies, it is our No. 1 priority to share helpful personal finance education to help educate the public about smart money management and growing your income. That’s why we have an editorial guidelines to ensure the highest level of integrity on the information that we share. Giving you the clarity and confidence to enjoy our tools, information and recommendations while you explore our site.