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At Income Buddies, we are not a typical place where people talk about money, we are buddies with the passion of sharing what we know about money to help buddies like you make smarter financial decisions by equipping you with the right mindset, knowledge, and tools to find financial freedom.

Ways to Make Saving Money Fun

IncomeBuddies.com is a financial diary founded back in 2018 by Antony C., a publishing author, lazy dividend investor, business owner, and personal finance enthusiast who is passionate about growing income and building wealth to reach financial freedom.

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Our Goal

At IncomeBuddies, it is my No. 1 priority to share helpful personal finance education to help educate the public about smart money management and growing your income.

That’s why we have editorial guidelines to ensure the highest level of integrity in the information that we share. Giving you the clarity and confidence to enjoy our tools, information, and recommendations while you explore our site.

Income Buddies’s Story

Getting Started

Antony C. loves the idea of becoming financially free, thus he enjoys learning about money and getting financially educated.

Advancing in his journey, he finds many of the advice being hidden behind big acronyms making the learning process more like a lecture than a casual enjoyable bedtime read. He knows something needs to change, and thus he created IncomeBuddies.com.

BIRTH Of IncomeBuddies

In 2018, Antony founded Income Buddies for the sole purpose of documenting his journey to Financial Freedom and hopes to share what he has learned in his articles in the most simple and enjoyable way.

With his main focus on growing income, he writes about investing, building an online business, learning smart money habits or personal finance, and many other money-related topics.

Becoming a Publishing Book Author

In 2023, Antony C. launched his first book titled “Start Small, Dream Big“, a life-changing book that guides you step-by-step in overcoming procrastination and reaching your dream.

Based on what he wants to advise his future kids as they grow up, it is a book written to help transform anyone into a better self.

Start Small, Dream Big (Lifestyle 4)
Start Small, Dream Big by Antony C.

“Start Small, Dream Big offers the blueprint to help you overcome procrastination and turn your dreams into reality.”

Read more about the book


Today, we are growing rapidly with more buddies learning with us each day.

At IncomeBuddies.com, you will journey with the founder and learn from the mistakes and successes that he has learned over the past decades.

As he journeys to create financial freedom with his family, he will share valuable experiences that will most likely benefit anyone who is also looking to build financial freedom for themselves and their family.

Key Editorial Team Members

Antony C., Founder of IncomeBuddies.com.

Antony C. aka Kopi Buddy


Antony C. is a financial writer with over +15 years of experience in investing, the book author of “Start Small, Dream Big”, certified PMP® holder and online business entrepreneur. Having used and tested many business software and tools in his professional career and personal business, he recognized the need for unbiased, quality information based on real-life experience. Eager to share what he had learned in his journey to growing income through online business and investing, he created IncomeBuddies.com.

Our team includes book author, entrepreneur, course creator, digital business expert, investor, and financial writer who is a contributor to global news outlets such as Yahoo Finance & Nasdaq.

Guided by our editorial guidelines, we are deeply committed to providing you with the best advice and information to navigate the ever-changing world of investing, online business, and personal finance.

Story About The Founder

Earning his first dollar selling digital gadgets in 2006, Antony C. became interested in the world of financial education.

As he grew his financial knowledge, he understood that investing and building a business are the only ways to true wealth and financial freedom. With that in mind, he goes on a lifelong journey of financial education and building his instruments of wealth.

  • Building passive income through a variety of income ideas.
  • Building wealth through investing.
  • Building multiple online businesses.

Antony, like many of his readers, comes from a humble beginning and met with many struggles when he first started to invest in his early 20s.

Bought his first stock in early 2008, during the period of the global financial crisis, he learned lessons that are priceless as an investor and experience that he can share with his readers.

Today, he is a passionate investor with more than +15 years of experience, and years of experience building online business that helps him to grow his income each day.

“Growing income should not be complicated.”

Reading +200 business, investing, and personal finance-related books throughout the years, he has attended dozens of online business, marketing, and investor conventions and seminars where he learned from the best in the industry.

Throughout the past decade, he has built multiple streams of income, building a portfolio of online business and income-generating assets.

At IncomeBuddies.com, he wishes to share his experience and journey with his readers who are also passionate about taking control of their finances and growing their income to provide a better life for themselves and their families.

In his opinion, “blogs and books which talks about their personal experience are by far the best place to learn about personal finance”, because its real, its relatable, its genuine.

Feedback and Continuous Improvement

Understanding the importance of having a financial education that is reliable, genuine, and with clarity, we ensure all the information that we share with our readers is verified, unbiased, and simple to understand.

Guided by our editorial guidelines, We continuously update the information to be as helpful and reliable as possible.

However, if you notice something missing or disagree with our findings, please feel free to contact us with your thoughts. We are excited to hear your opinion too!


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