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Best Online Course Platforms To Create And Sell Courses

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Course Platforms

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LearnWorlds Online Course Platform

4.8 out of 5.0

Best Affordable Online Course Creator For Non-Techie

Starts at $24 per month

(Risk-free 30-Days Free Trial Available)

Promo: 20% off annual plans

Teachable Online Course Platform

4.8 out of 5.0

Best All-In-One Platform To Create Online School

Starts at $39 per month

(Free Trial Available)

Promo: 33% off annual plans


4.8 out of 5.0

Best For Building Branded Apps

Starts at $79 per month

Free trial only through my link HERE

Promo: 20% off annual plans

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Podia Online Course Platform

4.6 out of 5.0

Best Course And Digital Product Site

Starts at $33 per month

(Free account available)

Promo: 17% off annual plans

Mighty Networks Online Course Platform
Mighty Networks

4.6 out of 5.0

Best For Building Paid Community Apps

Starts at $33 per month

Promo: 2-months free for annual plans

Thinkific Online Course Platform

4.6 out of 5.0

Best Simplify Online Course Platform

Starts at $36 per month

(Free account available)

Promo: 25% off annual plans



4.6 out of 5.0

Best For One-Stop Course Creation Solution

Starts at $29 per month

Promo: 2-months free off annual plans

Payhip Online Course Platform

4.6 out of 5.0

Best For One-Click Course Creation

Starts at $29 per month

on website

KAJABI - Online Course Platform

4.5 out of 5.0

Best Traditional Course Creators

Starts at $119 per month

on website

Yondo - Online Course Platform

4.6 out of 5.0

Best Live Online Course Creator

Starts at $69 per month

(14-Days Free Trial available)

on website

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The eLearning industry is exploding at a phonemical rate and for the past 20 years, it have grown 900%, it is expected to reach to triple in size in the next few years, reaching $325 billion by 2025 and $645 billion by year 2030.

But what does it mean for you as an instructor, coach, course creator, influencer, edupreneur, or as the person running a learning center?

The explosive growth of the eLearning industry is an excellent news for anyone who is in the education business. The coming few years is the perfect storm to help anyone who wants to start selling course online and future-proof their education business.

Want to know how much you can be earning as a course creator?

Check it out your earning potential our online course calculator:

  • Visitor Per Month: 3,000
  • Conversion Rate: 2% (Avg. rate)
  • Selling Course Price: $100

Result: Earning per month $6,000

When you are using the right online course platform to create and sell your course, you can potentially increase your conversion rate to as high as 6% to 10%, which help you become the top earner as course creator.

My favorite platform is currently LearnWorlds as it offers a lot of features to help increase the conversion rate, however if you are looking for more options, there are a few online course platforms worth mentioning.

Best Online Course Platforms For Instructors & Course Creators

Choosing the right online course platform to create and sell your own branded courses is important if you want to be successful in the education business with many monetization options. A good online course platform let you:

  • Create a platforms with ready-made infrastructure.
  • Allows you to sell your course to an international audience with ease.
  • Have the capability to scale and grow as you grow.

But with so many platforms to sell courses online, choosing the best online course platform that manages everything for you from registration to payment, and let you focus on content creation and engaging your students to build your authority in the space isn’t that easy.

So, lets take a look and see what are the top online course platforms you should consider right now if you want to succeed as a course creator.

PS. As a course creator I know it is important to know new ways to expand my current audience, thus creating your courses at platforms that automate certain activities can be quite essential. Creating your own course is also a good way to generate passive income and building wealth.

1. LearnWorlds (Editor’s Choice)

Best Affordable Platform For Course Creator

LearnWorlds Online Course Platform

4.8 out of 5.0

LearnWorlds is the most affordable all-in-one course platform that enables solopreneurs, educators, coaches and businesses to create and sell course online.

Designed for edupreneurs, LearnWorlds comes with everything a professional course creators needed and more to create a successful business, giving you the access to some of the most powerful suite of sales tools, in-depth analytics, and a whole list of third-party integration tools to help you create and grow your business to an audience worldwide.


  • Pre-build templates and themes for one-click setup.
  • Drag-and-drop modular site builder designed for non-coders.
  • Full white-labelling option, for personalize branding.
  • Build-in popup builder.
  • Full eCommerce capabilities to sell individual courses or bundles and paid membership.
  • Mobile app builder and in-app purchase push notification.
  • Create interactive videos, quizzes, assignments, surveys and downloadable resources.
  • Advance reporting center for monitoring student progress and course performance.
  • Build-in community builder with social networking features and direct messaging.
  • Fully customizable learning path and drip content features.
  • Build-in affiliated marketing system for course promotion.
  • Multiple payment methods.
  • Accept payments in multiple currencies.
  • Integration with hundred of popular third party tools for automation.
LearnWorlds - Example


  • All-in-one platform that is designed for professional edupreneurs.
  • Create your personal Android and iSO compatible mobile App with your own branding without coding knowledge.
  • Listing of your own mobile app on App Store such as Google Plat and Apple App Store.
  • Vast library of templates and themes for one-click setup.
  • Access to in-depth analysis of your students.
  • Access to in-build affiliated marketing tools
  • Easy workflow automation with integration to API and third party programs
  • Designed for audience worldwide with multicurrency payment options and language selection.
  • Secure online platform with SSL-certificate.
  • Great customer support.


  • Customer support is only available from Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 5pm EST (Email support 24/7: hello@learnworlds.com)


LearnWorlds - Pricing

LearnWorlds offers four pricing plans designed for different edupreneurs. Starting from a free plan which offers 30-days free trial with no credit card required, you can try all the feature that they offers and see if this is the platform for you. You can always choose to upgrade any of the plans on a later date, the different plans for LearnWorlds are:

  • 30-days Free Trial (No Credit Card required): Perfect for new course creators who are unsure if this platform is for you.
  • Starter Plan for $24 per month: Designed for newbie course creator who just wanted to get started to create and sell their course online with a fully functional course platform.
  • Pro Trainer Plan for $79 per month: Recommended with No Transaction fees and suitable for most edupreneurs who are looking to build a real business.
  • Learning Center Plan for $249 per month: Create your very own online learning school like SkillShare, or Udemy that offers 24/7 premium support and dedicated customer success manager, letting you focus on your building business and let LearnWorlds handle all the infrastructure and technical part of it to let you run your business smoothly for unlimited growth.


LearnWorlds is the most affordable all-in-one platform that keeps evolving and giving course creators new features to help you grow your business with no extra cost. Equip with the capability of creating an professional course platform with a few simple clicks using their templates and presets, it makes course creation easy and offers creators like you to create courses without coding knowledge.

LearnWorld is the most affordable all-in-one online course platform.

What makes LearnWorlds special is that it lets course creators to sign-up their 30-days Free Trial without the need to entering your Credit Cards or any payment methods. Meaning you only need to pay when you want to to pay. And if after 30 days of free-trial, you don’t find LearnWorlds suit you, you can just go and try out other best online course platforms on this list.

I personally really like LearnWorlds and it is these features that makes it stand out from the rest of the platforms.

  • Create personal branded Mobile Apps that can be listed on App Stores.
  • Hundreds of 3rd party integration and advance API integration for workflow automation.
  • Lightweight and SEO optimized course platform for fast performance and increase visitors to your site.
  • Affiliate management system with advance reporting.
  • Creation of interactive videos which gamifies the learning process.
  • One of the best customer support.

Overall, I think LearnWorlds exceeds my expectation in many ways, not only it offers one of the most features that let course creators to create almost any kind of learning platform or learning center, LearnWorlds itself offers some of the best level of support to course creators to help any course creators, whether if you are a beginner in course creation or an experienced edupreneurs to succeed.

Ultimate Guide To Selling and Marketing Online Course by LearnWorlds Academy
E-Book Credited to LearnWorlds Academy

Resources such as Free eBook on the Ultimate Guide to selling and marketing online courses teaches everything you’ll need to know about creating a profitable online course from scratch.

From the basics of creating a course that sells all the way to advance marketing and sales strategy.

If you want the Free eBook, just get it Here.

As a customer of LearnWorlds, you can get access to free training videos and resources to help you start building your course platform from scratch, marketing it and growing your business to online.

Course platform is designed for:

  • Course creators with little to no coding knowledge.
  • Influencers and coaches.
  • Business owners of various size, small, medium and big.
  • Edupreneurs, enterprise and companies.
  • Learning school and learning centers.
  • Non-profit organizations.

If you are unsure, try out their 30-Days Free Trial with my link below or check out my full review of LearnWorlds.

(Promo: Save 20% Off Annual Plan)

2. Teachable (Reader’s Choice)

Best Overall Online Course Platform To Start An Online Business

Teachable Online Course Platform

4.8 out of 5.0

Techable is the leading online course platform trusted by more than 100,000 creators, influencers and business owners to make more than $1 billion in creator sales, and have successfully launched 154,500 new courses in just a year.

Build for the non-techie, Teachable is the most powerful yet simple to use all-in-one platform to build, host, sell and grow your online course or coaching business.


  • Create and sell online course on your own website.
  • Easy-to-use website and course builder.
  • Available preset templates and themes for easy setup.
  • Public API to allow automation of workflow.
  • Dashboard to allow tracking students and sales insight.
  • Unlimited video bandwidth.
  • Learning Management System for learners.
  • Offers different payment options for students: Subscription or one-time payments, bundles.
  • Build-in affiliated marketing tools.
  • Accept international payments of over 100+ currencies.
  • Automatic handling of US/EU/UK/etc. sales tax.
  • SSL security to ensure all data on the platform is encrypted


  • Integration with MailChimp, Zapier, ConvertKit, Google Analytics, Segment, and more.
  • Optimized for student engagement with features such as comments, quizzes
  • Creation of certifications of completion for students upon course completion.
  • Easy to use course creation tools for online course creation such as course templates.
  • Ease of automation with public API.
  • Ease of expansion with affiliate marketing tools.
  • Free trial plan where it lets you build your course for free.
  • 99.99% uptime with industry-leading fraud protection, encryption, and backup capabilities.
  • Able to offer drip course content for your students, for a structed way of teaching.
  • SSL-certificate to ensure safety of personal info for your students.


  • Lack of mobile application


Teachable - Pricing

Teachable have a free plan that allows you to have unlimited students, courses, and coaching services and access to basic quizzes and course design. Each transaction will be ($1+10%), thus if you already have an audience, it will be better if you can sign-up for the basic or pro plan.

  • Basic Annual Plan for $39 per month: Best for course creators who are just starting out, and picking up the ropes with a platform that offers unlimited coaching and course downloads. With this plan you can start earning money and building your authority in the learning space.
  • Pro Annual Plan for $119 per month: Perfect for most course creators looking to start a business that can host unlimited courses together with 3rd party integration and automation through API, expanding the business to a wide audience through affiliate marketing and creating a multi-million dollar business.
  • Business Annual Plan for $499: Suitable for establish business that is looking to let all the heavy lifting being handled by teachable, together with a dedicated customer success manager, they will help you integrate and migrate your courses to their platform, so that you can forget about the technical side of things and focus on growing your business.


Personally, I like Teachable because it is the best all-in-one platform that takes care of all aspect of a course creator, leaving the heavy lifting being automated by the platform itself.

  • Take care of hosting and making sure your business is up 99.99% of the time.
  • Take care of payment including tax and currency difference etc.
  • Take care of affiliate marketing which allows affiliate marketers to market your course and service automatically, expanding your reach to different audience.
  • Take care of cybersecurity and protects you and your students from hackers and scammers.
  • Take care of your business expansion as Teachable is fully functional cloud-based online course platform designed for easy business expansion.

Start Your Brand Online Course Platform For Free:

  • Click the “Createbutton below.
  • Click the “Start For Free“.
  • Enter your name and email.
  • Start creating course or click “Upgrade” to unlock features that can help you succeed further.

Recommend to go for the “Basic Plan” to explore all the unique feature offered by Teachable

Teachable Online Course Platform

Overall, creating and selling online course or coaching services with Teachable can be the best choice for any coach or course creators. Not only it takes care of all technical side of things, the platform itself is build with high level of flexibility offering seamless integration for automation, leaving us with more time to focus on course creation, coaching and building our business.

Course platform is designed for:

  • Course creators with little to no coding knowledge.
  • Influencers and coaches.
  • Business owners of various size, small, medium and big.
  • Enterprise and companies.
  • Learning school and learning centers.
  • Non-profit organizations.

Get started today with a 1-Month Free Trial with my link below.

(Promo: Save 33% Off Annual Plan)

3. Passion.io

Best For Building Branded Apps

Passion.io - Online Course Platform

4.8 out of 5.0

Passion.io is a trending professional tool that enables anyone to build a professional branded course and coaching apps without any coding skills and earn money from it. An all-in-one professional App builder that gives you everything you need to create, fine-tune and launch your app on popular App listing services such as Google Play and Apple Store.

Coming with professionally build templates, drag and drop builders, community building, push notification and payment options, Passion.io let you create an App for any device to engage your audience without a single line of code.

Passion.io = Chat Apps + Course + Community + Personal Brand


  • Own branded white-labeled App
  • Drag and drop app builder for web and mobile
  • Easy Payment gateway for both app and web
  • Live streaming and audio options
  • Drip content and goal tracking
  • Automated challenges
  • Scheduling calls and meetups
  • Offline sync for offline viewing of downable contents
  • Interactive activities (Quizzes, worksheets, calculators)
  • Community building with unlimited members
  • Push notifications and direct messaging
Passion - Course Creator


  • Own-branded mobile apps for web and mobile, like a mobile personal trainer or coach where your customers can bring with them everywhere.
  • Offline sync which gives your audience the option to use your app anytime.
  • Automated challenges where you can create a group-based challenge for your community, like a leader-board
  • Ability to create a customized calculator where it is especially handle for a health, or finance related app.
  • Goal tracking makes your app become more “sticky”, increasing the daily use of your app.
  • Since it is an App, the audio feature let your user play the audio training while leaving the screen off, enabling them to jog or do something else while attending your course.
  • Push notification feature let you advertise to all your user, giving you the full control on your user instead of being at the mercy of algorithm.
  • Library of professional templates designed for different course creators, you’ll only need to do some simple edits before you launch the course.


  • Drip content only available with their Ultimate plan.
  • Charges 3.9% platform fees on passion payments.


Passion.io - Pricing

Passion.io offers three different paid plans for anyone who are looking to create their own app. While the Pro plan is the most popular and offers a wide range of features, the Ultimate plan is where Passion.io really shines. The Ultimate plan gives you all the tools required to have unlimited growth.

  • Free Trial for 30-days (only through this link): Great way to start experiencing and learning to create your own branded app without a single line of code. Perfect for starters and people who are just trying out Passion.io.
  • Pro Plan for $97 per month $79 per month (20% discount): Perfect creators and coaches who are looking to start a online business that your users can bring around anywhere, anytime right in their pocket. Together with push notification and gamification integration, this plan make it a perfect option for high ticket services.
  • Ultimate Plan for $297 per month ($239 per month (annual plan) $79 per month (70% Exclusive Discount for life only through our link): Recommended for experienced course creators and coaches who are looking for an automation solution to scale their business and grow their App into a best seller on the App store.
  • UltimatePLUS to Contact Sales: Recommended for business owner who wants everything done for you according to what you what in your by professionals.


Passion.io is probably one of the best, if not the best Apps builder for influencers, coaches, course creators and entrepreneurs who are looking for an easy solution to sell and connect with their audience effectively. Not only you can build your whole business with just an App, the creation process is super simple making it possible for anyone without any coding experience to create an App that sells.

  • Create leaderboard where your users can compete with each other, like virtual events such as; virtual run, virtual yoga etc. increasing the user engagement.
  • Direct messaging capability to the user’s mobile with pop-notification what makes you gaining the capability to have an intimate connections with your users or clients than just a platform on the web.
  • Sell your course or any upsell directly to your audience through their phone.
  • Create a paid community where it promotes group communication and competitions.
  • Branded Apps with computation capabilities with calculators and quizzes.

Overall, I personally think Passion.io have much to offer as an online course platform App, which you can build your online App business without any lines of codes.

Generally, a simply App development can cost up to $150,000 not including periodic updates and security patches which can cost approx. $500 per month.

With Passion.io you get a branded app with a fraction of that cost, and the Passion team will help you maintain your app together with all the security updates for free, saving you hundreds of dollars per month.

Exclusive deal ONLY from this link below. Start your brand App for 70% OFF for Life:

  • Click the “Limited Dealbutton below.
  • Click the “Get Started Now“.
  • Claim your 70% Off Deal by clicking “Start Now“.
  • Enter your name and email.
  • Click “Get Access Now

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Passion.io - Online Course Platform

Passion.io is a course platform is designed for:

  • People who wants to create and launch their app within 1 to 3 days without coding knowledge.
  • Course creator who wants to offer their service on an professional App that can be downloaded on the App Store.
  • Coaches and consultants.
  • Influencers and authors.
  • Business owners
  • Solopreneurs and edupreneurs.
  • Paid community creators.

Create your professional branded App with Passion.io below! Read Full Passion.io Review.

Promo: 70% OFF Life Time Deal

(Normal deal is 20% OFF annual plans)

4. Podia

Best Digital Product And Services Platform

Podia Online Course Platform

4.6 out of 5.0

Podia is a growing cloud-based learning management platform build for creating and selling digital products such as online courses, digital downloads and coaching services. With it’s focus on the non-techies, no coding knowledge is required to build a professional looking site to start your online business.

Podia = Non-Techies + Self-Branded Online Digital Products


  • Free account available
  • Full website and course builder without coding required.
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Unlimited coaching
  • Unlimited courses
  • Unlimited members and members levels
  • Chat and direct messaging support
  • Branded certificates
  • Fully white labeling of your platform
  • Third party integration
  • Embed available
  • Affiliate marketing program
Podia - Feature - Course


  • Forever free account is available for users to try the platform risk-free
  • Fully white labelling which allow you to create a branded online platform.
  • Building of the course and website is easy, it offers a wizard like setup which let you create what you want through a guided step.
  • No coding knowledge is required to create, maintain and sell on the platform.
  • Drip content delivery is available which can help increase engagement.
  • Wide range of integration capabilities with all popular software and apps.
  • 1900+ embeds integration and 1000+ Zapier connections integration
  • Unlimited selling of any digital products; course, digital downloads, coaching, webinars, membership.
  • No transaction fees for any of the paid plans.


  • Although Podia is mobile optimized, they currently do not have an mobile app.
  • Customer service is good, with chat support offered for 7 days a week during office hours from 9am-6pm (Mon to Fri) and 9am-5pm (Sat to Sun) ET.


Podia - Pricing

Podia offers four paid plans, and Podia do offer free account for you to use forever, it is a great way to try out the product if it is for you before you decided to purchase. For the paid plan offers much more, and the features it offer makes the pricing very affordable.

  • Free Account for $0 per month: Free account is available and it is perfect for those who are just trying out, you can create 1 coaching and 1 downloadable with a few draft version of online courses. A great plan to start but if you want to earn money the next plan will deliver.
  • Mover Plan for $33 per month: Recommended for any course creator to start with this plan, as this offers unlimited course creation, coaching and no transaction fees. A great way to start your business.
  • Shaker Plan for $75 per month: Recommended for experienced course creators and with this plan, it delivers almost all the advance features including the affiliate management system. Great for business owners looking to scale and grow.
  • Earthquaker Plan for $166 per month: Recommended for business owners and companies, with this, it offers 5 team seats for free (worth $100 per month), integration with 3rd party and priority support which allows workflow automation.


Personally, I am quite happy surprised with the different features that Podia offers. It is rare to see a premium platform such as Podia to offer a free account for anyone who want to try out their platform.

With the free account you can basically try out some of it’s features such as course and website builder, while letting you offer coaching service for free. You can also have this free account forever with no limit on your trial period. This shows how confidence is Podia is with its product and how confident that users like us will like to use their platform to create and sell our digital product.

  • Paid plan give access to unlimited sales of digital products such as course creation, digital downloads, and coaching sessions.
  • Create a membership site with unlimited members and member levels
  • Create and sell digital products under your own brand.
  • Easy integration with third party apps and software

Overall, I think Podia offers an unique value proposition where you get to access a whole list of advance features with unlimited digital products creation and sales with no transaction cost. If you are looking for a high quality online course platform at an affordable price where it is designed for selling digital products, Podia is the best platform for you. Full Podia’s Review.

Course Platform is designed for:

  • Digital product creators with little to no coding knowledge
  • Coaches and influencers,
  • Course creators and edupreneur
  • Solopreneurs
  • Paid community creators

Start your Free Account with Podia below!

(Promo: Save 17% Off Annual Plan)

5. Mighty Networks

Best For Building Paid Community For Non-Techie

Mighty Networks Online Course Platform

4.8 out of 5.0

Mighty Networks is the leading community builder where creators, influencers and entrepreneurs build a powerful digital community under your own brand on the web and mobile application that can be launch in the the app store with your own listing.

Putting the community as the top priority as the center of your online course or membership, Mighty Networks helps you create a strong connection between you and your audience.

Mighty Networks = Social Media + Chat Apps + Course Hosting


  • Unlimited members.
  • Unlimited spaces where people can gather and interact.
  • Create your own Mobile App and Website.
  • Platform that integrate course selling and community building.
  • Personalized activity
  • Manage your own member’s data.
  • Native livestreaming
  • Native events hosting
  • Chat and direct messaging
  • Automate email & CRM integrations


  • Self-branded mobile apps and website community like owning your owning Facebook with the ability to sell courses and premium membership.
  • Self-branded livestreaming, course and membership platform.
  • Own your Apps and your App Store listing on Google Play Store and Apply App Store.
  • No coding knowledge and maintenance needed.
  • Branded mobile notification.
  • Integration with MailChimp, ConvertKit, Active Campaign, HubSpot, Google Analytics and more.
  • Automated app maintenance
  • Reasonable platform charges
  • Library of templates
  • Product launch support and coaching
  • Integration to existing business apps


  • Community focused where creators who are not looking to build a community may not be able to take full advantage of the what this platform offers.
  • Creators get the best out of this platform in their business plan.


Mighty Networks - Pricing

Mighty Networks offers three plans for creators, while the community plan offers most of the features required to build an amazing platform for a paid community, the business plan let creators make full use of all the unique features provided by Mighty Networks.

  • Community Plan for $33 per month: Perfect for hobbyist creators who only want to build a paid membership community, equip with full features such as livestreaming, chat and direct streaming.
  • Business Plan for $99 per month: Recommended for business startup who are also looking to create online courses or group courses together with automation of simple workflows.
  • Mighty Pro to Contact Sales: Recommended for establish business looking to expand their brand awareness and future prove their business.


Personally, I am mind-blown by the possibility of what you can achieve with Mighty Networks, not only you can expand your brand and build a course using this platform, you can build a multi-million dollar business by leveraging what Mighty Networks can offer.

  • Create your own personal App that can be listed in App Store on Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  • Create your own Facebook-like community with no coding and maintenance of your App and Website.
  • Create a paid community around your online course where your can sell your course and membership to audience world-wide.
  • Create an App/Website that combines the best features of Facebook, Discord, WhatsApp, Zoom and Circle under your own brand.
  • Easy integration with your existing business system and workflow.

Overall, I think Mighty Networks is the most unique online course platforms that offers one of the most unique features not found in any other platforms. And if you are looking create your own app, build a community in additional to proving courses or coaching services Mighty Networks will be the best platform for you.

Course platform is designed for:

  • Course creators with little to no coding knowledge.
  • Influencers and coaches.
  • Business owners of various size, small, medium and big.
  • Solopreneurs and companies.
  • Paid community creators.

Start your 14-days Free Trial with Mighty Networks below!

(Promo: 2-months Free For Annual Plan)


Best Simplify Online Course Platform

Thinkific Online Course Platform

4.6 out of 5.0

Thinkific is a minimalist all-in-one online course platform that is trusted by over 50,000 course creators all over the world. Thinkific focus on 2 parts of sales, landing page and course materials, coming with template where you can make a few simple edits before making it life, it is one of the best platform for minimalize course creators.


  • Pre-build templates and themes for easy setup
  • Drag-and-drop building tools
  • Full video and content hosting.
  • Create video, quizzes, surveys and downloadable resources.
  • Set expiry date for courses
  • Support popular advertising platforms such as Google Ads, Facebook etc.
  • Build-in affiliated marketing system.
  • Multiple payment methods.
  • Accept payments in multiple currencies


  • Library of templates and themes for easy setup.
  • Total control over your content and business insight of your target audience.
  • Ease of automation with public API.
  • Affiliated marketing tools for getting more audience.
  • Create course completion certificates for students.
  • Multiple method of payment and currency accepted.
  • Full access to CSS and HTML for more customization control for the creator.
  • SSL-certificate to ensure safety of personal info for your students.
  • Great customer support.


  • Lack of mobile application


Thinkific - Pricing

Thinkific offers four plans targeting different creators. Starting with their free plan, it offers users to test drive their platform and see if it is for you before you make the purchase. Although the features offered are limited, this let you have a feel of what Thinkific is like which can be a plus for most creators.

  • Basic Plan for $36 per month: Enjoying all the core features offered by Thinkific, this plan have all the essential tools you’ll need. With features such as unlimited courses and students, creation of a learning community, and 0% transaction fee, this plan have all it takes to successfully launch your course online and start making money.
  • Start Plan for $74 per month: Recommended for course creators looking to build a business, equip with membership and payment plans, assignments, and live classes, it is a full fetch online course platform that can rival popular platforms such as Udemy.
  • Grow Plan for $149 per month: Recommended for business which is somewhat established and looking to have a platform which offers the tools required for bulk enrollments and API access for business automation.
  • Plus Plan to Contact Sales: Recommended for established business looking to grow the company into a multi-million dollar business that is equip with dedicated customer success team and infrastructure setup for unlimited growth.


Thinkific makes creating your personal course easy through the different tools that they provide. Made for the non-techies, it offers course creators the option to focus on course creation and leave the rest to be handled by the platform.

Overall, I think creating a course on Thinkific, one of the most popular online course platforms to sell course online is great for minimalist who wants to trim out the fats and focus on what they truly need to focus, which is course creation, coaching and engaging their audience and student. If you are looking for a simple way to start, this is probably a great choice

Major Features To Consider When Choosing Online Course Platforms

When choosing the best online learning platforms to start building online courses, it is important to know what are the important feature to consider to provide the best online teaching experience for your selected course topic.

An online course platform that is equip with all the required feature can help accelerate your success as a course creator and platform owner. So, lets take a look at some of the features that you may want to consider for an online teaching platform.

1. Ease of Course Management

Good course management gives you the ability to easily create and upload courses, and conduct interactive quizzes, surveys to keep your audience engaged.

A platform hat offers ease of course management gives you the tools required to focus on what matters most, which is course creation and audience engagement.

2. Video Hosting

Provided unlimited bandwidth for video hosting and having the compatibility with with external video hosting platform such as YouTube and Vimeo.

3. Payment Methods

Access to a variety of payment methods allows you to have the option to change your payment models which gives you the flexibility when growing your online course platform. Make sure that the platform allows the acceptance of these payment methods:

  • Subscription model for creation of a membership site.
  • One-off payment model for general course and coaching service selling.

4. Payment Through Multiple Currency

Ability to accept payment from different currency can help you grow your business faster as you open up more opportunities and allow a bigger group of audience to join your online course.

Creating and selling your online course on a platform which it support multicurrency payment is essential if you are expecting students from everywhere around the globe.

5. Easy-To-Use Website or App Builder With Preset Themes

Traditional website building requires coding knowledge and building a personalized online course platform isn’t that easy, and requires many manual twigging.

When choosing the right online course platform, it is good to choose one that have preset templates and themes which allows for easy setup and building of your online course.

6. Integration Capabilities

Integration capabilities enable the option to automate simple processes making your life as the owner easier.

  • Third party integrations to common software and apps
  • Public API that allows customization and automation of workflows.

Integration can be very useful for expanding your business and making your process simpler. While most offers some form of integration only the premium platforms offers public API for full customization on the integration process.

7. Security

Cybersecurity is the most important criteria for any activity that is done online, this is especially important when payment or personal information is involved.

When finding the right platform, it must have in-build security features such as SSL certificate, ensuring your student have a safe online platform to learn and grow.

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What Is The Difference Between Course Platform And Course Marketplace

As a course creator, creating and selling your online course that provides online training can be done in both your own course platform or on a course marketplace own by others.

With a course market place, you don’t own the platform, you’ll need to follow the rules and regulations set by the marketplace owner. For each course you create and sell, it is subjected to the approval of the marketplace owner.

As you are essentially a tenant of the marketplace, your course content and students you gain from the market place are not essential yours, but it is of the market place. Example of a course market place are:

The market place can choose to delete your content or even to ban or delete your instructor profile if they choose to.

When you create and sell your online courses on a course platform, it is an online course software which you own the rights and holds all the controls on managing your own course platform.

You will have your own domain name, your own branding, your own course website with all the course content create and students you get from the course platform owned by you. Having the control of all these is essential if you are building an online business and want to sell courses worldwide. Examples of course platforms are:

An online course platform is unlike an online course marketplace, you’ll have the power on deciding the pricing of your course, market your online course and get your course seen by the right audience, and include features like paid membership, online live coaching services in additional to the in-demanded videos that is commonly offered by courses on Udemy, Linkedin Learning or Skillshare.

With an online course platform, you will be in control on the future of your online course, there is no limit on your growth and you don’t need to worry about the future of the platform, because all decision on the future of the platform will be made by you.

How to Create An Online Course?

Creating an online course is never easy. As a course creator you’ll need to be equip with the necessary knowledge together with the ability to deliver what you learn effectively to your students. Here are the few steps, you’ll need to take to create an online course:

  1. Understand what are the things that you know more than other, things which you are able to communicate with other in a deep level.
  2. From the knowledge that you know find and select the subject which you want to create a course that may interest your audience.
  3. Talk to your trusted friends and people around you and test your ideas and verify it’s demand.
  4. Once you’ve find a subject where you can create your course, start doing research into the subject and gain even more understanding on the subject.
  5. Create a persona of your target audience and understand what your audience are looking for when attending your course.
  6. Break down your course into different parts, then into different chapters or sections.
  7. Create the course outline like the name of the course, the topics you’ll cover.
  8. Create a detailed course content with in-depth explanation, together with videos and education resources which your students can use and refer.
  9. Launch your course once you’ve checked for errors and verify all information in your course.
  10. Promote your course in your YouTube channel and online course platforms, build your community and provide support when required.

When you create and sell your course at the right online course platform and pricing your course right, getting success in course selling is not as hard as you may think.

In fact, creating and selling your course by having your own course platform have much less competition compared to selling on LinkedIn Learning or SkillShare, but much more profitable and more control, as the platform is basically yours.

Want To Use ChatGPT For Course Creation?

LearnWorlds is currently offering a free workshop for course creator to leverage ChatGPT in course creation.

If you are interest in learning how to use ChatGPT to increase your productivity, here are the steps:

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  2. Fill the form and start mastering ChatGPT for course creation.
On-Demand ChatGPT Workshop

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