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Ways to Make Saving Money Fun
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Hey, I’m Antony C. aka. Kopi Buddy

I’m an entrepreneur with +8 years of experience building multiple online businesses, many failed (yup, its ok to fail!), and a few succeeded in generating passive income.

As a lazy dividend investor with +15 years of experience and an online business owner, I know growing income is not easy and that’s exactly why Income Buddies (IB) exists.

Sharing what I’ve learned from both my failures and successes, here we’ll go on a journey in creating financial freedom from smart investing and creating profitable online businesses.

While you may meet challenges along the way (everyone does!), with strong support from our community of buddies, I’m sure you’re going to have fun on your journey of growing your income! Come read more about me and Income Buddies and get connected.

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“Do You Have a Dream You Want To Achieve?”

Written in simple English, “Start Small, Dream Big” is a life-changing book packed with useful strategies for anyone who are looking for a personalized roadmap that takes you step-by-step to make your dream come true.

  • Discover the secret of overcoming procrastination and getting started.
  • Develop the power to transform your mind, harvest your hidden potential and take charge of your life.
  • Step guide to start transforming dreams into reality.


Understanding the mindset and lessons for starting, managing, and growing your business.


Grow your money by investing in income-generating assets like REITs, Stocks, Bonds, and Properties.

Personal Finance

Learn about topics such as savings, debt management, budgeting, retirement planning, and passive income.

Financial Journey Simplified

At IB, passionate personal finance enthusiasts come together to share our ideas.

  • Learn new creative ways to grow income with minimal effort, and maximum return easy and fast.
  • Best tips and guide to manage our personal finance the same way how the smart wealthy does it.
  • Transforming beginners into pros by sharing proven methods and ideas that we use ourselves to grow our income.

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Money Tools

Wondering what are the best options for you to choose to help you in growing your income?

I’ve reviewed some of the best resources so that you can have a easier time deciding what is best for you. Let’s go!