Finding dividend stock is easy, but only if you know how.

This article will help you in your search to find dividend paying stocks.

“Dividend is the sweet nectar that makes up the honey. Without it, investing can be quite dry.”

Different stocks pays their dividend differently, but most companies pays their dividend in cash on a quarterly or half yearly basis.

Here we have listed a few resources which can help you in your search of dividend paying stocks.

Let’s go!

How to find dividend paying stocks

1. Financial News Sites or Handphone App

Ease of Use: 4/5

Availability: Membership or Free Service

You can find many good information on any company from financial news sites and apps available on the web today.

Best of all, these resources are usually free of charge.

Financial news sites gets you information on different financial metrics, dividend payout ratio, dividend yield, or even information on the most recent stock split.

For those investors who are more advance, they might want to signup to the paid area, where the site will be given more data for you to research on the different companies.

Most financial news sites do have a stock screener to help you find dividend paying stocks. Some sites may require you to be a member to access the tool, while other sites provide this service for free.

Examples of the financial sites with stocks screener:

2. Brokerage Account

Ease of Use: 4/5

Availability: Membership Service

Every investor should have a brokerage account. If you don’t, probably it is time for you to apply one. Because here is how you buy or sell a certain stock.

For most establish brokerage, they will have their own unique platform, where you can do your research on different stocks.

Information provided for each of these brokerage firms varies, and some brokerage firms requires you to pay an extra fee to gain access to their ‘tools’ for screening for dividend paying stocks.

Many establish brokerage firms allows you to screen for dividend paying stocks for free.

Examples of brokerage firms:

3. Securities and Exchange Commission

Ease of Use: 1/5

Availability: Free Service

All publicly traded companies are required by law to report all dividend paid to their shareholders.

These companies will report how much dividend is paid for the previous year during their annual report. You can look up their reports to find quarterly report or a annual report.

You can search these filing using the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission website with 2 simple steps.

  1. Click on the ‘filing’ section
  2. Then do a quick search of each company you are interested in.

Although this way of finding dividend paying stock is one of the slowest, it is the most reliable, as all information reported are audited for accuracy.

Bonus. Stock Exchange

Ease of Use: 4/5

Availability: Free Service

Best for the last. The stock exchange is basically the best place for you to do your research to find which of the stocks actually pays a dividend.

Not only all the tools you find here are mostly free, the data are highly reliable. Simply great investing tools and resources all in one place.

With lots of resources for your investing needs, the stock exchange keep investors like you up-to-date with all the data on dividend.

Some stock exchange even keep a historical data on all the ex-dividend dates and how much dividend is paid to their shareholders during each period.

While others gives the investor 10 years worth of data for free!

This is exceptionally useful for dividend investors who wants to find good stock with a growing dividend.

But, do note that some stock exchange do have a stock screener, while others may not have this functionality.

Examples of Stock Exchange:

My Takeaway

There are many ways to find dividend paying stocks, but each have their pros and cons. Some requires membership fee, others are free but requires extra care to ensure the accuracy of the data.

4 ways to find dividend paying stocks for dividend investors:

  1. Financial News Site and Apps
  2. Brokerage Account
  3. Securities and Exchange Commission
  4. Stock Exchange

I personally like to use financial news site together with stock exchange when finding dividend paying stocks.

Financial News Site allows quick access to stock screener and data from stock exchange can be used to check for accuracy.

How about you? Which resource do you like to use most?

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