College life is hard especially if you don’t have any money to do the stuff you loved to do. You never know money can be so important and so hard to come by after you move out of your parents’s house.

You can either work part-time like your friend over there. Serving drinks over the weekends at a cafe to earn that couple extra hundred bucks. This kind of income, is called an active income.

But weekends is for fun, who even have time for all that work.

Or you can choose to do what we are recommending you in this article, that gives you the freedom to set your own pace on building a side hustle.

Proven ways to make some extra pocket money without interfering with your schools, free up your weekends on the things you love to do.

But be warned, there is no free lunch in the world.

What you will need are the 2 D’s:

  • Discipline
  • Determination

If you want to build a side hustle with lots of freedom, you have to put in the effort.

Most of what I am going to show you are considered somewhat passive income, and some are much more passive in compared with others. But each have their own advantages and disadvantages.

By the way, here is an article on “Passive Income vs Active Income“, you will probably understand a little more on passive income after reading this. 

Some passive income generates high return, while others give you the freedom to work on it as and when you want.

For every good stuff, sacrifices have to be made.

Many people have this false believe of passive income meaning to be lazy. But on contradictory, passive income is far from being lazy. You are expected to work to your bones.

Once you “made it”, money will keep rolling in!

Kaching! Kaching!

And you my friend, will have the freedom to do what you love during the weekends, instead of working 12 hours in that cafe down the street serving drinks every weekends.

Let’s put it this way:

Passive Income = You get Freedom + Money



Let’s Dive In!

11 Passive Income Ideas for Students

Some passive income offers lots of freedom, others requires you to put in lots of effort to potentially earn big dollars. Imagine, you just found out that you are earning more than what your lecturer are earning, won’t it be cool?

These ideas are not some shady get rich quick scheme, all passive income requires you to put in the effort to create. You need to have the 2 D’s to make it come true.

To help you in your quest on choosing which passive income idea to start, I have gave them each a score on 3 main criteria:

  1. Passive Score is the time commitment you need
  2. Earning is the potential amount you can earn
  3. Freedom is the freedom for you to do this at your own pace

1. Gaming

Passive Score: 3/5

Earning: 3/5

Freedom: 3/5

“Calling all gamer!”

Do you know you can earn money by playing games?

This is like a dream come true.

The strategy, the teamwork, the brain power required to solve complex puzzle just to win and be the best in the game is probably something your parents will never understand.

But if you are able to earn money by playing games, that might tell a different story.

In fact, you can earn money by simply playing video games while others around the world watch you play.

How much you ask?

An article by cbsnews actually reported that a British gamer Daniel Middelton with 20 million subscribers actually earn up to $18.5 million, that is $18,500,000 by letting people watching him playing video games.

8 Figure by playing Video Games

Mind blown!

Probably now your mom won’t be screaming at you for playing too much games online.

So should you just quit your school and start playing video games?


Daniel Middelton is just a rare case amount the many millions of gamer that actually never ‘made-it’. Most gamer don’t make enough money to even let them pay their bills.

Education is still very important, at least, it is what allow you to be able to read this article, right.

Is it passive? Well, if you consider enjoying what you do while earning a side income, then yes, it maybe consider as an passive income.

The earnings of a gamer varies, unless you have 20 million subscribers and is named Daniel Middelton. Don’t put your expectation too high. 

Nonetheless, it is totally possible for you to earn some pocket money by playing video games.

Who is this for?

Gamer who don’t mind letting the world see them playing video games. Possible to earn a few bucks or a couple of hundred of dollars, but to make this into a career. It is not something I recommends.

2. FLIPPING Items Online

Passive Score: 2/5

Earning: 2/5

Freedom: 4/5

Flipping items online can be the easiest thing a student can start doing to earn a decent amount of money. Peer-to-peer selling platform are so common nowadays that almost anyone can just jump to start earning money with a few clicks.

The earning formula is simple to understand and easy to execute.

Here are the 2 step process:

  1. Buy product cheaply from peer-to-peer selling site
  2. Re-sell them at a slightly higher price for a profit

How to start is simple. Simply sign-up for free and create a personal profile in just less than 10 minutes in some of these peer-to-peer selling site such as:

  • Amazon
  • Craigslist
  • Gumtree
  • EBay
  • Carousell 

Once done, you can basically start flipping and earning from a couple of bucks to thousands of dollars depending on what you are selling.

Although some may not consider it as a totally passive income, this give you lots of freedom and high earning potential. This is somewhat passive in compared to working 12 hours a day as a waiter in a a cafe.

Who is this for?

Best start kit for almost anyone who want to start earning money in your free time as and when you like. Best for people who like to earn a few extra bucks without working 12 hours a day serving drinks.


Passive Score: 2/5

Earning: 4/5

Freedom: 4/5

Do you love cars and fancy to make a few hundred bucks over the week? How about flipping some cars? Cars are cool and bring you from point A to B quicker than walking. But cars are way cooler if you can earn a couple hundred dollars if you flip them.

Here are the 2 step process:

  1. Buy a cheap great condition car
  2. Re-sell them at a higher price for a profit

The key here is ‘Cheap’ and ‘Great Condition’.

But this is not for everyone, you need to have some level of knowledge on cars. Know what is actually consider cheap, before you will know if you are able to make a profit from this.

Some of the things you need to take note of when buying that car are:

  • High sought design
  • Low mileage
  • Low cost
  • Great Condition

Simply find the purchase, buy it and advertise the car on a 2nd hand car online market place.

With these, earning a couple of hundreds or even thousands of dollars won’t be a problem.

Pro Tip: I will actually find the buyer and pitch the car sales, before I buy the car. This way, I will know I will have a buyer for the car before I even buy it.

Who is this for?

Best for those who have some knowledge of cars and have some level of savings to buy that car.

4. Retail Arbitrage

Passive Score: 1/5

Earning: 3/5

Freedom: 3/5

Retail arbitrage is to buy products from from your local retail stores and resell these same products through online market place for a profit. The best source of these great products are generally the clearance racks of stores such as Target, Home Deport and Walmart.

Similar to flipping online, some people made a decent few thousands dollars per month by doing retail arbitrage.

The idea is simple, you just need to shop for really cheap items with a high demand and sell it to others.

Here are the 3 step process:

  1. Get to your local retail stores
  2. Shop for the best and cheapers items usually on the clearance rack
  3. Re-sell them at a higher price for a profit at a online marketplace

Here are some of the best local retail store you can find your products:

  • Target
  • Home Deport
  • Walmart

And here are some of the proven online market place where you can resell for a nice profit:

Although, there is a lot more work when in compared to flipping online. There are people whole build their whole business around this model. This is because usually the amount earn can be higher than flipping online if it is done right.

Who is this for?

Some of the easiest way to earn an extra income during your free-time. But is it really that passive? No, it isn’t really passive because you need to source for your product and buy them off the shelf. But it is a good alternative to waiting in a cafe and possibly earning more than serving drinks. Because once you place the item on sale online, you are basically selling your items while you are sleeping or jogging in the park. This give you freedom to do the things you want.

5. Selling Class Notes

Passive Score: 4/5

Earning: 2/5

Freedom: 5/5

You went for all these lectures and have been diligently writing down all the important stuff that your lectures said in class. These notes you write are basically your lifeblood before your exams. Each words written in these pile of notes are the essence of that one hour lecture.

But after the exam, you just pile them up in the corner, letting them rot. Like a once loved toy, but now abandon and sad. Won’t it be good to breath some life back into the note that you have created with your blood and sweat?

You can sell the class notes to someone who may need it much more than you. Not only it may actually help them pass their exams, it earns you some extra cash.

You are not using any extra time to create them, because you have them all along, which makes it a good extra income. Some may even call it a passive income.

But before you are doing this, make sure you check with your school that you are not violating any of the school policies.

If you are the lucky few, some school actually encourages it and you can go to sites such as StudySoup to sell your class notes.

Who is this for?

That good kid down the block who goes to almost every lecture and write some of the best class notes in school. You must be selfless and willing to share what you know and learn in the notes.

6. Participate in sleep studies

Passive Score: 5/5

Earning: 2/5

Freedom: 3/5

Passive income are usually described as making money even when you are sleeping. But this time, we are taking the idea of passive income literally. Although, it is less common, you can actually make an income by literally sleeping

You simply need to take part in sleep studies that is organised by organizations and companies.

These companies sometimes pay a rather large amount for you to sleep.

NASA will actually pay you a 5 figure just to sleep. As reported by cnbc NASA pays 24 participants, 12 men and 12 women $19,000 each to lay in bed for 2 months. This study is to research how the body changes to weightlessness.

Most sleep studies don’t pay you just as much, but nonetheless, it can be quite a nice ‘Passive Income”.

Who is this for?

People who loves to sleep and don’t mind to be used as a lab rat in the name of science.

PS. Make sure you read all the fine lines carefully before you join the studies.

7. Pet or House Sitting

Passive Score: 3/5

Earning: 3/5

Freedom: 2/5

Ever thought of making money by simply staying at home? Pet or house sitting service is exactly what you might be looking for. You as a professional sitter can offer day, or night service to take care of your client’s pets or house when they are away. 

Dog sitters offering doggy daycare service can make between $50 to $100 daily by simply looking after that cute little cuddly. If you are a night sitter, you can potentially double that amount.

Probably it is one of the best way to make money passively.

With heart that love animals and got the basic know how on taking care of them, you are on your way to earning your first pot of gold.

Who is this for?

Almost everyone can do this, and if you are one of those who adore pets and have the basic know-how on taking care of them. A professional pet sitter might just be what you want to do.

PS. Safety is always your main priority, this is especially important for all ladies out there.

8. Rent Out Your Bike

Passive Score: 5/5

Earning: 1/5

Freedom: 4/5

If you have a bike that you rarely use, this might just be perfect for you. You can actually rent out your bike to someone who wants a ride. It will be much better than letting your bike sitting in the attic collecting dust.

In fact to start renting out your bike, it is a pretty simple process. You only need to know the bikers in your area, or simply join a peer lending platform.

Here are some examples:

With an airbnb style rental service, you can rent your unused bike to complete strangers.

But keep in mind you have to ensure your bike is in good quality.

Depending on the number of bike and clients you have per month. Some are reported to have earn over $500 per month as a form of passive income.

Who is this for?

People who own a good condition bike but rarely rides it.

9. Rent Out Your Car

Passive Score: 5/5

Earning: 2/5

Freedom: 4/5

If you have a car and you are on a long holiday overseas, your car will generally be sitting at the parking lot all day everyday till you are back. Your car is basically doing nothing while you are still paying your monthly car loan.

Won’t it be a good idea if your car can do something useful and earns you some cash during your holiday?

You can simply offer car rental service during your long holiday. It is made possible by simply joining some car rental apps and peer-to-peer lending platforms. 

But there are some basic conditions for your car to be met, such as:

  • Good working condition
  • Clean
  • 3rd party insurance available
  • Road worthy

Depending on your car and the clients you have. Renting your car might actually makes you up to $1,000 richer per month as a form of passive income.

Who is this for?

People who own a good condition car but will not be using it for a period of time.

10. Rent Your Storage Space

Passive Score: 5/5

Earning: 1/5

Freedom: 5/5

If you are living in a dorm room, there is always that few who always need to travel back home during the summer break. Bring all the stuff they got back home might not be the best idea for them, so they will need to rent a place to put their stuff for the few months.

If you have a free storage space like an empty corner of your room, a garage or attic you are not using. You can probably earn some money passively by renting out that free space to those in need to put their stuff for the summer break.

In fact, there are multi-million dollar companies build on this model by renting space for people to store their stuff.

Simply list your space on peer-to-peer platforms to get some clients. By doing nothing, you can easily earn up to $500 per month depending on the location, demand and how much space are you willing to rent out.

PS. Renting out of a storage space is great but it will be your responsibility to ensure all items stored is legal and you are not breaking any law.

Who is this for?

People who a space to spare and is willing to rent it out for others to keep their stuff.

11. Advertise with your car

Passive Score: 3/5

Earning: 1/5

Freedom: 4/5

You drive your car day in, day out from point A to B. How about renting that precious advertising space on your car to companies who are looking for a creative means to advertise their business.

You will get paid by 2 types of payment model:

  • Commission
  • Monthly income

To be eligible for such a passive income opportunity is pretty simple. You will only 3 things:

  • A car that is Road worthy
  • A driving license
  • A contract with the advertising company

These advertising companies usually pays you per mile you have driven the vehicle. So basically when you are driving to the grocery store, you are earning a couple bucks for that trip. Probably not enough for you to but a new iPhone, but probably just nice for that cup of double cream latte at StarBucks.

You generally get a chance to ear $300 to $600 per month in a pretty passive way. Low risk, high return, not a bad way to earn an extra income indeed.

Who is this for?

Those who have a car and requires to travel a lot. More importantly, you will need to have a car license and is willing to have advertisement on your car.

The first step

If you are still reading, I am pretty sure you are on your way to be a successful in the future. Passive income is a truly amazing way of earning that life you want in the future. Getting the ability to earn while you sleep is what made some of the richest man alive their millions.

The passive income ideas here are just some of the hundreds of example you may find online. But here we have selected a few which is easily achievable by students like yourself.

You definitely won’t be able to do all the passive income ideas written here, but you can always start with one.

Find the one which suit you the most and start making money.

Making money is a long journey which you will have to overcome different challenges everyday.

If someone can actually make million simply by playing video games, I am sure you will be able to find something that can help you in making that passive income.

Finally, passive income does not mean laziness, it means doing something now so you can ripe the benefits in the future.

All the ideas as stated above requires some level of work, but these are some of the Best and Proven Ways for students like yourself to make money passively!

There are definitely many other ways of making a passive income, but these are some of my favorites!

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Remember! If you want it badly enough to be financially freed and have control on your own life, you will do what it takes to achieve it!

Trust me, it will definitely be worth it!

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