3 Steps Simple Winning Formula for Success in Life

Do you want to know the best success formula?

The formula of success is simple and easily actionable. Below we will talk about a simple process where you will ultimately become successful once you stick to the process.

Getting success will only have 3 simple steps:

  1. Cultivate a Wealth Mindset
  2. Create a logical Thought process
  3. Perform a massive amount of Action towards your goal.

Sounds simple?

Although these 3 steps processes may sound simple, many won’t be able to follow through because they miss either of the steps.

  • A person without the right wealth mindset will not be humble enough to learn what they lack but blame others for their failures.
  • A person with the right wealth mindset but without the guidance of the right thought process has no plan on how they can achieve their goal. Working towards a goal without planning will either lead to failure or takes a lot of effort just to make small progress.
  • A person who has the right mindset, and right thought process but does no action will not make progress in their goals.

Power Tip: Your chances of success can be greatly increased if you set your goal before you start working on your dreams.

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3 Step Success Formula

Why do these 3 simple steps works?

  1. Mindset: A correct mindset helps to guide you in becoming who you are. You will be humble to learn the skills and knowledge required. You will be open to suggestions and willing to make the changes required. Mindset brings thoughts to the right path.
  2. Thoughts: Thought is the planning you take to bring your goal into reality. The way you think makes up your thought process. The way how you think brings you to take the right actions towards your goal.
  3. Action: Action is the things you do in your day-to-day life. Change in the action you take will change the result you get. Taking massive action on the right path will guide you closer to success faster and easier.

You’ll need all parts of the formula to create success.

1. Mindset Brings Thoughts

Mindset can also be described as a trait. It is the first part of the formula.

With a wealth mindset, aka, rich mindset. You will be able to develop the characteristics that lead to success.

With the right mindset develop the qualities required for success in life.

You will know how to think like a winner and perform the correct action.

Personnel development start from within.

2. Thoughts Bring Action

How you think depends on your mindset. Your thought process is dependent on your character and your thought path.

A person with the characteristics that lead to success will have the right thought path which brings forth an action to give the desired result.

“Thought” is the process of planning each of your steps to reach your desired goal.

Before we should make any form of action, we have to plan our way to success.

Because actions without planning are a sure way to failure.

3. Action Brings Results

Thoughts without action are called a dreamer, and a dreamer never succeeds in life.

Actions are always the final step that brings forth the results.

Most of the time, it is because we lack the motivation to perform the actions that lead to the demise of our goal.

The difference between setting a goal and achieving the goal is the element of “action”.

Taking action is what makes the goal a reality, thus this is the final step of the success formula.


The very way of our thinking “Our Mindset” we have in our daily life determines our ability to achieve success and accumulate wealth. 

Thus, without the specific mindsets and beliefs that are designed for creating success, it will be difficult to create any wealth.

The mindset is the foundation that builds in our minds which separates the poor and the wealthy.

Now, it doesn’t mean that after reading this article you will become successful overnight.

Knowing and practicing the correct mindset is only the first step to building wealth.

With the foundation (Wealth Mindset) set in place, wealth will be built.

So, take the first step and learn more about the wealth mindset now!

Power Tip to Wealth: Read the book The Millionaire Next Door

Here are some resources that will help in guiding you to your success.

What guides me in my journey are some of the many books I read over the past years.

There are many words of wisdom said by those who have achieved what we want to achieve and learning from them is the shortcut to our goals.

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Here are some of the Best Quotes You may want to put at your bedside and remind yourself.

Taking your First Step is always hardest, But it is the Most Important Step to Greatness

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