At 1941, the Buffett is at young age of 11 years old. Warren Buffett brought his first stock and started his investing journey.

With 80 years of investing, Warren have many investing lessons, which he would like to share with you.

As one of the richest man in the world, Warren is having a net worth of over $72 billion as according to Forbes 400.

Warren Buffett is the most successful investor till date.

Here are some advice that Warren Buffett wants to give to small investors like us.

Let’s go!

6 Investing Advice for Small Investors

Getting a mentor in investing is not easy. And not having a mentor can be expensive.

“When an individual with cash meets an experienced individual, that individual with experience ends up with cash and that individual with cash leaves with experience.” Warren Buffett

Fortunately, you can learn from investors who have experience. And this is none other than the Oracle of Omaha, Warren Buffett himself.

1. Invest In Yourself

“Invest in as much of yourself as you can.

You are your own biggest asset.”

– Wisdom of Warren Buffett

Best investment you can make is to invest in yourself. Increase your ability to earn and knowledge to achieve. 

Most people don’t have the correct wealth mindset. Without the right mindset and the right skill set, you aren’t going to make your wealth from the stock market.

Instead focus on investing in yourself first. Gain the knowledge on how to invest and increase your ability to earn.

“Secret to success is to sell yourself an hour each day, and use that hour to make yourself better.”

– Charlie Munger, Vice chairman of Berkshire Hathaway

Perhaps, this is one of the best investment advice Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger give to young investors like us.

Investing Advice for Small Investors - Invest in Yourself

2. Invest Long Term

“Our favorite holding period is forever.” – Warren Buffett

Famously quoted when asked during an interview.

Warren Buffett advice that when you buy a stock, you buy with a mindset of never selling it.

“In a short term the stock market behaves like a voting machine, but in the long term it acts like a weighing machine.”

– Benjamin Graham, Father of Value Investing.

Investing short term is like putting stocks on a voting machine, there is 50% chance of the stock going up and 50% chance of the stock going down.

Investing long term is like putting stocks on a weighing machine, the stock will always goes to its intrinsic value.

If you think you will regret buying it in the next 10 minutes, or the next 10 years, then don’t even think about buying it.

– Warren Buffett

Treat investing, as if the stock market will close for the next 10 years and invest long term.

If you want to be successful like Warren Buffett, don’t dance in and out of the stock market.

Instead, invest for the long term prospect of the stock and not on the short term fluctuation of the stock.

Investing Advice for Small Investors - Invest in Yourself

3. Control Your Emotions

“Success in investing doesn’t correlate with IQ, what you need is the temperament to control the urges that get other people into trouble in investing.”

– Warren Buffett

Keep your emotions out of stock investing. The worst mistake that most professional investors and almost all beginner investor make is to let their emotion take control of their actions.

The inability to take control of one’s emotion to make logical decision is the formula for a disaster.

Benjamin Graham, the mentor of Warren Buffett explain this best.

Mr. Market reflect the general emotions of the investment community, who set the price of the sock each day.

Generally, Mr. Market is on medications and set the price of the stocks close to the value of the company.

But once a while Mr. Market forgot to take his medications and let his emotions control the prices of the stocks.

When he is happy, he will let the prices of the stock to go way above its intrinsic value.

When he is depress, he will let the prices of the stock to drop like a brick.

Do not let Mr. Market affect your investment actions.

When you decided to buy a stock, you should have a good reason for buying it.

3 questions to ask yourself before you buy a stock.

  1. Is the stock currently undervalued?
  2. Is the stock you are buying a great company?
  3. Are you comfortable to hold this stock for the next 10 years?

When you decided to sell a stock, you should have a good reason for selling it.

2 questions to ask yourself before you sell a stock.

  1. Is the stock currently overvalued?
  2. Is the moat of the company you are selling being destroyed, thus may no longer be a good company to hold?

When performing each of the actions, decided if the action is made due to your emotions, or logical thinking.

Investing Advice for Small Investors - Control Your Emotions

4. Invest in What You Know

“Never invest in a business you cannot understand.” – Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett only invest in what he understands. Before he invest in the stocks of a company, he first learn how the company makes money as well as the industry where the company is currently in.

If he is unable to understand the company in 10 minutes, he will move on to evaluate another company.

The company you want to invest should be simple to you.

Warren Buffett invest in companies which he understand.

He call this, “The circle of competence.”

“You only have to be able to evaluate companies within your circle of competence. The size of that circle is not very important; knowing its boundaries, however, is vital.”

– Warren Buffett

Risk is when you invest in something you don’t know.

Investing is never risky, unless you invest in things you know nothing of. Technology stock are some of the stocks he don’t really understand.

Many investor got burned by the ‘Dot Com Bubble’, because they know nothing of technology. Many investors of the Dot Com Bubble see their investment drop 50% to 75% of their value.

Warren Buffett on the other hand, know nothing about technology during that time, thus stay out from investing in any of the technology stocks.

Instead, he invested in the financial industry, oil and railroads. These are companies which is within his circle of competence.

Warren Buffett made billions by investing in things he know, and so should you.

Investing Advice for Small Investors - Invest in What You Know

5. Invest in Business not Stocks

“Charlie and I view the marketable common stocks that Berkshire owns as interests in businesses, not as ticker symbols to be bought or sold based on their chart patterns, the target prices of analysts, or the opinions of media pundits.”

– Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett don’t just invest in stocks, he invest in the business that each stocks represents.

View each stocks as a business you want to own. Imagine you are buying 100% stake of each business. Think about its competition, how it earns its money, the location of the business and the future prospect of the business.

When buying stock think like the business owner.

If you invest this way, you will probably left with a few great business you truly want to invest.

This mindset will prevent you from breaking the 2 most important rule of investing.

Warren Buffett’s 2 Rules of Investing:

  1. Never loss money.
  2. Never forget Rule #1.
Investing Advice for Small Investors - Invest in What You Know

6. Focus on the Right News

Probably one of the most important investment advice that Warren Buffett give to small investors like us.

“Focus on the right news.”

Warren Buffett read 500 pages a day, not just 1 or 2 pages of the news headline.

Most investors take actions based on the 1% of financial information they consume each day.

These investor want their information ‘fast’, they want to make their decision ‘now’.

Many of these impatient investors make their buy, or sell decision based on the headline of the financial news.

If a ‘bad news’ such as the company miss their earning estimate during this quarterly report. These impatient investors will sell their stocks straight away even at a loss.

The decision to buy or sell, should not be solely based on the news you hear, but on the fundamentals of the company.

These ‘noise’ can cause you to make silly investment decisions which you will regret later.

If the company have been for business for 100 years like MacDonald.

Do you think MacDonald will be in financial trouble if they miss their quarterly earning estimates?

I don’t think so.

When reading financial news, learn to understand the events, and make logical assessment to see if such event will truly affect the business.

Investing Advice for Small Investors - Focus on Right News

My Takeaway

Small investors will do very well if they heed these golden advice from Warren Buffett. You may even fare much better than those ‘professional’ fund manager who are working in the wall street.

These Harvard guys make money on the fees for managing the money you have entrusted them to invest.

During the 2008 market crash, 401(k) managed by these ‘professional’ fund manager loss $2.4 trillions within 6 months. A 30% decrease in your retirement fund managed by these fund managers. 

On contradictory, those small investors who learn to invest on their own become richer after the market crash. They following the foot steps of great investors such as, Warren Buffett and Phil Town who wrote a great book called ‘InvestED’.

These investors manage to buy great companies at an attractive price, which makes them ever wealthier after the market crash.

But before we can become success small investors, there is something we need.


Equip with the investing advice given by Warren Buffett and right investing knowledge. Even small investor like us can be successful.

“One can best prepare themselves for the economic future by investing in your own education. If you study hard and learn at a young age, you will be in the best circumstances to secure your future.” – Warren Buffett

Knowledge on investment can be learn from books or articles like this one. Reading can only make you wiser and smarter, so that you too maybe able to make the right decision in your investment.


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