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7 Best Online Membership Platforms (Free and Paid Ranked)

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Podia Online Course Platform

4.7 out of 5.0

Best All-In-One Membership Builder For Beginners

Starts at $33 per month

(Free account available)

Promo: 17% off annual plans


4.7 out of 5.0

Best Easy-To-Use Membership Community App

Starts at $79 per month

(Free trial only through my link HERE)

Promo: 20% off annual plans

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4.7 out of 5.0

Best Simplistic Community Builder That Pays For Itself

Starts at $99 per month

(14-Days free trial)

Mighty Networks Online Course Platform
Mighty Networks

4.7 out of 5.0

Best Membership App For Influencers & Entrepreneurs

Starts at $33 per month

Promo: 2-months free for annual plans



4.6 out of 5.0

Best Membership Plugin For Any Platform

Starts at $0 per month

(FREE to use. No credit card required)

Promo: Free to use

Teachable Online Course Platform

4.5 out of 5.0

Best Platform For Membership Course

Starts at $29 per month

(Free Trial Available)

Promo: 25% off annual plans


4.5 out of 5.0

Best For Multiple Membership Platforms

Starts at $79 per month

Promo: 25% off annual plans

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Choosing the right membership site platform for your online business is crucial if you want to succeed. From creating your platform to getting members into your paid membership site, starting your online business on the best membership site platform can help you save time and 10x your results.

A membership site is probably the best way to earn an stable, recurring income. Amount the different ways to grow an passive income, a membership site that is build on subscription model is one of the best way to build a passive income that that grows indefinitely.

An average American spend $273 per month on subscription services, 46% of consumers subscribe to some form of membership site for their services.

Start Your Paid Membership Site:

  • Click the “Free Plan” button below.
  • Enter your “name” and “email”.
  • Click “Start your free plan now

Risk free and no credit card information is required for the FREE plan.

Podia Online Course Platform

With 60% of startups begin at home, starting a membership sites is a great option for selling online courses or offering coaching and consultation services.

As more paid membership to gain access to premium content or service is gaining popularity, this is the best time to start your own online business one one of these best membership site platforms.

Best Membership Site Platform To Start Online Business

With hundreds of online membership platforms to choose from, knowing which is the best platform to start your own membership site can be a lot of work. A good online membership platform should:

  • Allow easy setup of the online membership site.
  • Allow the the option to choose subscription payment model.
  • Allow creation of unlimited membership on the platform.

Thus, here we’ve ranked and listed the few of the best platform you can start creating your paid membership site saving you time and money, while helping you to succeed.

PS. As a course creator, a blogger and a book author, I know it is important to choose the right platform to start your online business. With the right membership platform, it can automates most of the workflow in your business making your life much easier. Thus, I’ve ranked and listed those which I think will be essential for your success.

1. Podia (Editor’s Pick)

Best All-In-One Membership Builder For Beginners

Podia Online Course Platform

4.7 out of 5.0

Podia is a cloud-based learning management platform that offers an all-in-one solution to create professional membership site for eLearning, coaching, or simply to build a paid community. As a membership site, Podia offers all advance features you’ll need for a paid membership site, from creating communities, value delivery to payment processing.

Podia = Non-Techies + Self-Branded Online Membership Site

Created for non-techies, Podia is the simple platform for beginners to get started, and experienced professionals to explore all the other feature that it can offer for your membership site.


  • Unlimited Free trial.
  • Complete membership site builder without coding required.
  • Unlimited digital downloads
  • Unlimited coaching sessions
  • Unlimited courses offerings
  • Unlimited members
  • Unlimited membership levels
  • Community building features such as Chat and direct messaging
  • Full white labeling of your platform including self-branded certificates
  • 3rd-Party integration
  • Embed available
  • Affiliate marketing program
Podia - Community Building


  • Free account for user to create your membership site, although limited features, it let you get everything prepared and ready to receive paid members before you upgrade to any of their paid plans.
  • Unlimited members for your membership site, which is essential for your growing for your membership site.
  • Membership levels allow you to create different membership package with gated contents for different members.
  • Unlimited digital downloads making Podia one of the few platforms that offers this, which can be valuable feature for a membership site that sells any forms of digital products.
  • Offers advance features that let you create unlimited online courses, coaching sessions to your members.
  • Advance integration capabilities that helps automates most of the processes.
  • Advance embedding features which helps to make your membership site even more engaging and keep your members stick to your site longer.
  • Affiliated marketing program which lets your paying members to helps you get more members on your platform, while offering them the option to earn a commission when they do.


  • One of the best customer support (very responsive), but the service only offers from 9am-6pm (Mon to Fri) and 9am-5pm (Sat to Sun) ET.


Podia offers free forever account trial, but it is the paid plans where it actually shines, and if you are looking to start earning money by creating a membership platform, their shaker plan is probably your best option. Currently podia offers 4 different plans:

  • Free Plan for $0 per month: Free plan is perfect for those who are just trying out, or beginners who are not sure is Podia is right for you. Although features are limited, the platform still offers a lot of features and is a great way to start creating your membership site, once you are ready, just upgrade to the next plan.
  • Mover Plan for $33 per month: Highly recommended for beginner online business owner who are looking to create a fully featured membership site that is designed to scale. It offers your members different payment plans which gives you the opportunity to create a modern paid membership site that basically pays for itself.
  • Shaker Plan for $75 per month: Recommended for serious online business owners or site owners who migrate from other membership platform looking to expand their business. Shaker plans don’t only offers the tools required to make your membership site successful, it offers the tools required to grow your site, tools such as Affiliate marketing program can offer your paying members an opportunity to earn money when they share your membership site to others.
  • Earthquaker Plan for $166 per month: Recommended for business owners and companies that operates at scale. If you are no longer a solopreneur, Earthquaker plans is the plan that can help you succeed. With the option to add 5 team members (worth $100) for free, you can let your employees do all the work while you focus on growing your business.

PS. As of today, Earthquaker Plan is no longer found in the Podia’s website, but if you are still looking for this plan, you can contact their sales team and check with them on the pricing.


Personally, I’ve tried Podia’s platform and I am pleasantly surprised with all the different features it offers. The dashboard is initiative, with ample guides and resources available to help me along the way when I am trying out all the features that it offers.

Podia is so much more than a simple membership site it offers:

  • Free and paid membership tiers
  • Payment processing right from your Podia platform
  • Sell unlimited products to unlimited customers
  • Personal branded membership site for free.
  • Powerful marketing tools to help automate your growth
Podia Free Account Dashboard

Within an hour of trying the platform out I’ve create a full website with a community with their professional looking templates. I believe any beginners even without any website creation experience or coding knowledge will find using Podia to create their membership site pretty easy.

Overall, I think Podia is the best membership platform for both beginner and experienced membership site owners. It have one of the best support that helps membership site creators to easily create their own branded platform that have all the features required to scale and grow a professional membership site. Read Full Podia’s Review.

Start your Free Account with Podia below!

(Promo: Save 17% Off Annual Plan)

2. Passion.io

Best Easy-To-Use Membership Community App

Passion.io - Online Course Platform

4.7 out of 5.0

Passion.io is the fastest growing mobile App development platform for anyone to create a branded membership App for selling online course, digital products, or offering coaching services through a simple drag-and-drop builder with no coding knowledge. The easiest personal App builder that gives you all the tools and features you’ll need to create and launch your App on Google Play, or Apple Store.

Designed for ease of use, Passion.io comes with a library of pre-build templates, designed by top marketers to help you convert App users into paying customers, helping you get your first sales creating a profitable online business.

Passion.io = Chat Apps + Course + Community + Personal Brand


  • Own personal branded white-labeled App
  • Drag and drop app builder with no coding required
  • Easy Payment with Passion Payment or External Checkout
  • Live streaming or set App to audio options
  • Drip content and goal tracking
  • Automated challenges and leaderboards
  • Scheduling calls, meetups and events
  • Offline sync & viewing for downable contents
  • Interactive activities (Quizzes, worksheets, calculators)
  • Community building with unlimited members
  • Unlimited push notifications and direct messaging


  • Fully white-labeled apps for web and mobile to create a strong following of fans that uses your own branded App.
  • Offline sync that give your App users to use your App anywhere even without an internet access.
  • Automatic challenges and leaderboard building to let your members get engages in group-based activities and build a strong community.
  • Perfect for health, coaching, or finance related App with ability to create tools such customized calculators, such as Calories calculator, exercise calculators, or even personal spending trackers.
  • Goal tracking to help your App users meeting their predetermined goals.
  • Unlimited push notification for sending reminders or notification to 100% of your App users, which increase of return users of the App.
  • Unlimited membership and subscribers for scalability and unlimited growth potential.
  • Unlimited videos and digital downloads that enables you to build a library of digital products.
  • Audio feature that allows users to multitask with the screen off such as listing to Audio training from the App while driving, jogging or doing workouts.
  • Full customization of your App with no coding with drag-and-drop builder.
  • Easy App setup with professionally made App templates designed for selling high ticket and low ticket product and services by top marketing professionals from the Passion.io team.


  • Unlimited membership only available with their Ultimate plan, otherwise it is limited to 100 subscribers. (With our exclusive deal, you’ll get Ultimate plan with 70% OFF)
  • 0% platform fees with external checkouts only available with their Ultimate plan, otherwise, it will be 3.9% platform fees on passion payments.


Passion.io is a premium App development platform that offers three different pricing plans anyone to create their own App without a single line of code. Offering a 30-days free trial using our link, you can create an working App before deciding if you want to subscribe to their paid plans.

  • Free Trial for 30-days (only through this link): Best way to try out Passion.io to see if it is something that will help you in building your online community. Featuring all the tools you’ll need to make an successful membership App, it is perfect for anyone who just want to try out their platform.
  • Pro Plan for $97 per month $79 per month (20% discount): Recommended for new creators and coaches looking to create a paid membership App that your members can bring around with them anywhere and get access to your membership App anytime right in their pockets. Offering features such as push notification, gamification through leaderboards this paid plan make it highly effective in selling medium (~$20 to $200) and high ticket (>$200) product and services.
  • Ultimate Plan for $297 per month $239 per month (20% discount): Recommended for users looking to create an scalable custom branded free or paid membership App equip with automation features. With unlimited members, videos, push notification, and the ability to provide drip content, you can create an App that rivals even YouTube, FaceBook, Instagram, Pinterest, Discord or eLearning school such as Udemy or SkillShare.
  • UltimatePLUS to Contact Sales: Recommended for business owner and enterprise who wants everything done for you by Passion.io’s professional App development team.

PS. For Ultimate Plan, use our link for an exclusive discount.


Spending hundreds of hours trying out on different membership platforms, Passion.io is probably one of the best membership App development platform that can help you create a professional looking membership App through their library of templates designed to convert users into paying members of the App.

  • Create a free or paid community where your users can direct message with each other, promoting group communication and competitions.
  • Create a branded Apps with computation capabilities with calculators and quizzes and able to operate online and offline.
  • Gamify the community and the App user experience by creating leaderboard where your users compete with each other through virtual events such as; virtual challenges, virtual gathering, virtual concerts etc.
  • Direct messaging (Live Chat) that let you connect with your audience directly.
  • Pop-up notification that let you connect with 100% of your App users making your audience truly yours.
  • Your branded membership App is downloadable and listed on popular App store such as Google Play and Apply Store.
  • Sell your product or service directly to your members right through heir phones

Overall, I personally think Passion.io have much to offer as an App that lets you create your own brand away from noises, building your own community, courses and fans without a single line of code.

Membership App have much to offer compared to just a simple membership site, but App develop are often expensive costing up to $150,000 not including periodic updates and security patches which can cost approx. $500 per month.

Passion.io on the other hand, lets you create your own App at as low as $79 per month, including all the technical updates and maintenance of your App free of charge.

Passion.io Membership App is perfect for:

  • Entrepreneurs looking for an affordable solution to create a branded Membership App
  • Business owners who have no coding knowledge but will like to have their own App.
  • Content creator who will like to build their own audience on their own branded platform.
  • Coaches and consultants offering paid service or products.
  • Influencers and authors expanding their influence.
  • Solopreneurs and edupreneurs looking to sell online course or products to a community that they can grow and connect, not relying on algorithms owned by other platforms such as Google and Facebook.
  • Community builders and creators looking to create a branded App just like Discord.

Create your professional branded App with Passion.io below! Full Passion.io Review.

Promo: 70% OFF Life Time Deal Only Using This Link

3. Skool (Reader’s Top Pick)

Best Easy To Use Community Builder That Pays For Itself


4.7 out of 5.0

Skool is a membership site builder that combines the best features of a Facebook group and premium membership platform creators like Mighty Networks to create a minimalistic but powerful membership site platform that basically pays for itself.

Focus on user-generated content. Skool is the easiest way for anyone to create a membership site that offers high level of engagement and build a strong relationship with your members.

Skool = Community Group + Classroom + Passive Income Stream


  • Community features
  • Classroom course offerings
  • Calendar scheduling and tracking
  • Gamification
  • Email broadcasts
  • Chats, notification and profiles
  • Search for ease of use
  • Metrics and reporting
  • Auto Affiliate


  • Simplest platform to create your own membership site, it trim out all the unnecessary feature and focus on only the features you’ll need to create a membership site that works.
  • Gamification create higher level of engagement between members, creating leaderboards and friendly competition between your members.
  • Putting all your course at the same place as where your community gathers, making it easy for your members to engage with each other.
  • Calendar features allow scheduling of virtual events and live streaming which offers higher level of enegagment.
  • Auto affiliate feature pays you 40% commission if any of your group members create their own group, making Skool an income stream not a cost.


  • Perfect for a membership site, but nothing more, nothing less, Skool offers a minimalistic approach.
  • Mobile optimized but do not offers downloadable App.


Skool offers a simple pricing structure with no hidden fees. There is only 1 plan available which offers the access to all features, unlimited courses and unlimited members. You can cancel anytime.

  • All features for $99 per month: Recommended for online business owner who are looking for a minimalistic approach to create a personal membership site “School-like-community”. Simple yet powerful platform that is created to focus on engagement between the members of the group.

Here’s what other paying user say about using Skool for their online membership community.


Personally, I prefer simple stuff and always wanted to avoid all the complicated stuff. And with Skool it offers just that. Skool basically simplified everything you use everyday and combines them all into one place, making your life simpler.

  • No more annoying multiple passwords for different platforms such as your community, courses and events, giving you all the control you’ll need to know what’s going on next.
  • Gamify everything to make learning and engaging with different members fun and enjoyable.
  • A place where you gather your most loyal fans and offer them courses that will benefit them.

Overall, I think Skool is a pretty unique platform, if you are looking for a simple way to create your own membership site, Skool will be the perfect fit for you.

With just one simple pricing plans, you can create a membership site that offers everything you’ll need, and nothing you don’t.

Not sure if Skool is right for you? Just start your 14-days free trial with Skool using the link below, and if you don’t like it, just cancel it anytime!

(Promo: 14-Day Free Trial)

4. Mighty Networks

Best Membership App For Influencers & Entrepreneurs

Mighty Networks Online Course Platform

4.7 out of 5.0

Mighty Networks is the leading community builder to build any types of membership site that you can used as an mobile app or on the desktop. Designed as the best premium membership App, it helps creators, influencers, coaches and business owners to build an engaging community under your own branded app that can be listed on the App store.

Focused on community building over everything else, you can create a membership site that helps your members to build strong connections with each other, so that they will stick to your membership platform.

Mighty Networks = Social Group + Chat Apps + Course and Coaching Hosting + Events Scheduler


  • Unlimited members
  • Unlimited spaces (Groups)
  • Community building tools
  • Native livestreaming
  • Native events hosting
  • Unlimited course hosting
  • Chat and direct messaging
  • Branded community App and website
  • Personal profiles, activities and schedules
  • Automate email & CRM integrations
Mighty Networks


  • Personals branded Apps and website community that is like owning Facebook, Pinterest and Udemy in the same place, that offers high level of customization and personalization to your taste.
  • Listing your own App on App Store such as Google Play and Apple Store which let you become the next multimillion dollar social media platform without the development cost.
  • Simple setup process with readily made templates, with no coding required.
  • Livestreaming, course and membership platform that offers capabilities that far exceed any membership site platforms.
  • No maintenance of your App required as all updates and security patches are being handled by the platform.
  • Mobile notification pop-up features which ensure 100% read rate for all your fans.
  • High level of integration capabilities with existing online business.
  • Affordable platform charges.
  • Unlimited members that allows unlimited scalability of your membership platform.
  • Unlimited space creation for your members to join and start engaging with each other.


  • Community plan is pretty amazing to create a simple paid membership App, but it is the business plan where Mighty Networks shines best where it offers advice features to grow your business through automation options.


Mighty Networks offers three plans to create your own membership App, together with a 14-Days Free Trial, if you signup for their annual plans, you will get your first 2 months free of charge.

  • Community Plan for $33 per month: Perfect for beginner community creators looking to create a membership platform that offers livestreaming, videos, events & zoom integration as well as direct chat and messaging capabilities. Basically all the capabilities offered by some of the most popular social media platforms, but with you as the owner of the App and the capability to offer paid membership.
  • Business Plan for $99 per month: Recommended for experienced business startup who are looking to an online community that offers paid online course like Udemy, with you getting access to all member data. With this, you can even create an automated workflow that automates your membership site business.
  • Mighty Pro to Contact Sales: Recommended for establish business to expand their brand awareness and future prove their business, or entrepreneurs looking to create their own version of Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or Instagram.


Personally, I am mind-blown by what you can do with Mighty Networks, not only you can gather all your followers into one powerful platform under your own App, you can do much more than just building a community.

  • Unlimited members on your platform where each can have a space of their own for groups of members to better connect with each other.
  • Create an App that appeals to an international audience that helps you to grow your influence worldwide.
  • Create your personal App that rivals Facebook, Discord, Instagram, Twitter and Udemy combines without the need to adding any code yourself.

Overall, with Mighty Networks, I personally think it will be a game-changer where you will grow your followers faster, while keeping them highly engaged with all the features which Mighty Networks can offer.

Starting your own App is hard and can be very expensive, according to data collected this year:

  • Simple App Development cost: $40,000 to $60,000
  • Average App Development cost: $60,000 to $150,000
  • Complex App Development cost: More than $300,000

With Mighty Networks it only cost you a small fraction of the cost with as low as $33 per month.

What’s more, you do not need to pay for maintaining the App, upgrading, or providing security patches. All of these are handled by the Mighty Networks team, making your cost of launching your personal App very low.

If you are serious about owning your own membership community App, starting your 14-days trial with Mighty Networks will probably the best thing you do today.

Start your 14-days Free Trial with Mighty Networks below!

(Promo: 2-months Free For Annual Plan)

5. Teachable (Reader’s Choice)

Best Overall Online Course Platform To Start An Online Business

Teachable Online Course Platform

4.8 out of 5.0

Techable is the leading online course platform and a great platform to create membership site, trusted by more than 100,000 creators, influencers and business owners, it made more than $1 billion in creator sales last year, and have successfully launched 154,500 new courses in just a year.

Build for the non-techie, Teachable is the most powerful yet simple to use all-in-one platform to build, host, sell and grow your online eLearning business, or to build a membership site just like Singing Success, CyberX and Editage.


  • Create and sell online course and membership on your own custom domain website.
  • Easy-to-use website and course builder.
  • Available preset templates and themes for easy setup.
  • Public API to allow automation of workflow.
  • Dashboard to allow tracking students and sales insight.
  • Unlimited video bandwidth.
  • Learning Management System for learners.
  • Offers different payment options for students: Subscription or one-time payments, bundles.
  • Build-in affiliated marketing tools.
  • Accept international payments of over 100+ currencies.
  • Automatic handling of US/EU/UK/etc. sales tax.
  • SSL security to ensure all data on the platform is encrypted


  • Integration with MailChimp, Zapier, ConvertKit, Google Analytics, Segment, and more.
  • Optimized for student engagement with features such as comments, quizzes
  • Creation of certifications of completion for students upon course completion.
  • Easy to use course creation tools for online course creation such as course templates.
  • Ease of automation with public API.
  • Ease of expansion with affiliate marketing tools.
  • Free trial plan where it lets you build your course for free.
  • 99.99% uptime with industry-leading fraud protection, encryption, and backup capabilities.
  • Able to offer drip course content for your students, for a structed way of teaching.
  • SSL-certificate to ensure safety of personal info for your students.


  • Lack of mobile application


Teachable have a free plan that allows you to have unlimited students, courses, and coaching services and access to basic quizzes and course design. Each transaction will be ($1+10%), thus if you already have an audience, it will be better if you can sign-up for the basic or pro plan.

  • Basic Annual Plan for $29 per month: Best for course creators who are just starting out, and picking up the ropes with a platform that offers unlimited coaching and course downloads. With this plan you can start earning money and building your authority in the learning space.
  • Pro Annual Plan for $99 per month: Perfect for most course creators looking to start a business that can host unlimited courses together with 3rd party integration and automation through API, expanding the business to a wide audience through affiliate marketing and creating a multi-million dollar business.
  • Advanced Annual Plan to Contact Sales: Suitable for establish business that is looking to let all the heavy lifting being handled by teachable, together with a dedicated customer success manager, they will help you integrate and migrate your courses to their platform, so that you can forget about the technical side of things and focus on growing your business.


Personally, I like Teachable because it is the best all-in-one platform that takes care of all aspect of a course creator, leaving the heavy lifting being automated by the platform itself.

  • Take care of hosting and making sure your business is up 99.99% of the time.
  • Take care of payment including tax and currency difference etc.
  • Take care of affiliate marketing which allows affiliate marketers to market your course and service automatically, expanding your reach to different audience.
  • Take care of cybersecurity and protects you and your students from hackers and scammers.
  • Take care of your business expansion as Teachable is fully functional cloud-based online course platform designed for easy business expansion.

Start Your Brand Online Course Platform For Free:

  • Click the “Createbutton below.
  • Click the “Start For Free“.
  • Enter your name and email.
  • Start creating course or click “Upgrade” to unlock features that can help you succeed further.

Recommend to go for the “Basic Plan” to explore all the unique feature offered by Teachable

Teachable Online Course Platform

Overall, creating and selling online course or coaching services with Teachable can be the best choice for any coach or course creators. Not only it takes care of all technical side of things, the platform itself is build with high level of flexibility offering seamless integration for automation, leaving us with more time to focus on course creation, coaching and building our business.

Course platform is designed for:

  • Course creators with little to no coding knowledge.
  • Influencers and coaches.
  • Business owners of various size, small, medium and big.
  • Enterprise and companies.
  • Learning school and learning centers.
  • Non-profit organizations.

Get started today with a 1-Month Free Trial with my link below.

(Promo: Save 25% Off Annual Plan)

What Makes A Good Membership Site?

Building membership site is not simply just providing a place for people to gather like a Facebook group where everyone is talking over each other.

A membership site is a place where people come together and actively engaged with each other, building trust and like a family, it is an online family where every is connected in one way or another.

Membership site platform need to have a few of these features.

Offers Exclusive Online Courses

Successful membership sites offers unique online courses for their members. Members of your membership site often seek something which you can provide.

They join your membership site for something which they want, and often it is unique learning opportunities or the opportunity to learn things directly from you.

This can be made into digital products such as online course, where you can offer free or subsidized online courses or recourses for paying members, helping you to promote the benefit of subscribing to your membership site.

Live Streaming

Members of your membership site wants to have that personal touch with you or the other members on the site and live streaming offers the best way to make this possible in the virtual world.

People pays hundreds to thousands of dollars for a live concert, and probably a few hundred for an online webinar or live streaming. Live stream is probably the easiest way for your members to feel they are connected with you.

Members Profile

Members of your membership site needs to be able to personalize their own profile in order for them to feel a sense of belonging on your platform, if it is without a customizable member profile, it will be difficult for your members to feel loyal to your platform.

A member profile should at minimally let your members do the following:

  • Change the name of the profile
  • Add a personal photo to be their profile picture.

Other good to have features are:

  • Track your own activities on the platform
  • Add in your own bio and details

Payment Plans

A membership site should have the option for both free and paid membership plans. There are different types of payment plans and you should have the ability to choose which type of payment plans you want to offer.

  • One-time payment
  • Recurring payment

For a membership site, it recommended to setup a paid membership that offers a recurring payment model. Not only you will have a stable source of income, paying members tend to feel a stronger sense of belonging.

Community Building

Membership site should have all the tools required for community building such as:

  • Direct chat message with each other.
  • Creating of groups or space for members to gather.
  • Members handout area where they can share information with each other.

With a membership site, you are not just creating a platform for people to gather but creating a community an unique culture where each members of the site feel a strong sense of belonging.

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