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Podia Review: Best Platform To Create And Sell Digital Product?

Are you wondering if Podia is the right platform for you to create and sell your digital product?

As a course creator and a writer, I’ve personally tried and tested quite a few online course platform builder, so I do understand what are the feature we are looking for when finding the right platform.

While I like to look at reviews before I buy any products, I like to try out the platform itself and experience it first-hand even more.

Podia offers free trial for anyone if you want to try out their platform.

Podia Online Course Platform

Start Your Digital Product And Service Online Business:

  • Click the “Free Planbutton below.
  • Enter your “name” and “email”.
  • Click “Start your free plan now

Risk free and no credit card information is required for the FREE plan.

And if you are like me to like to try out stuff myself before making any decision, Podia is a great place to start.

While that being said, after trying their product, I think Podia is quite an amazing all-in-one online course platform that really delivers what it promise.

Let’s take a look at the in-depth review on Podia and see for yourself how it perform, and decide for yourself if this is the right platform for you to create and sell your digital product and services.


  • Designed to create paid or free membership site that offers monetization of different online digital products.
  • Perfect for solopreneurs, edupreneurs, and small online business owners.
  • Create web-based online platform to create and sell courses, membership, digital downloads, hosting events, or other digital products. With 0% platform transaction fee.
  • Unlimited membership and membership levels to create and scale an online community.
  • All-in-one online platform with free website.


Best Digital Product And Services Platform

Antony C.

Podia Online Course Platform
Range of Features
Integration Capabilities
Customer Service
Overall Pricing

IB’s Take

Podia is a growing cloud-based learning management platform that is a website builder, a digital product platform and a community builder combines into one simple solution that enables anyone without coding knowledge to create a professional looking platform. With Podia it empowers you to build and sell your course, sell digital downloads, offers 1-on-1 consulting and build a community all within the same powerful ecosystem.

  • Biggest Pro: Most versatile online platform that shines as a digital storefront for online courses, digital downloads, webinars, paid membership site and even 1-on-1 coaching sessions.
  • Biggest Con: Not suitable if you are looking for enterprise LMS solution, otherwise there is not much cons for Podia. (If you want an enterprise LMS solution, you can read more about it on my full review for LearnWorlds.)
  • Promotion: 17% off for any annual plans.
  • Price: Start from $33 per month.
  • Free Trial: Podia $0 free trial (Free Forever).

Who Is Podia For?

Podia is for anyone who are looking for a platform to monetize their skills and knowledge through creating and selling their online digital products, online course and services. It is designed for course creators, solopreneur, edupreneur, authors, coaches, consultants, bloggers and influencers to create a professional looking platform to earn money without any prior coding knowledge.

Podia - Homepage
  • Course creators who are looking for an intuitive course builder where you can build any types of online course without any prior coding knowledge.
  • Solopreneur looking to find an affordable eCommerce solution to sell digital downloads, products and services to start building your business and earn money without the need to any employees.
  • Business owners and edupreneur who are looking to build a learning platform where you can create and sell your courses online easily.
  • Authors and public speakers who are looking for a easy to use website builder to create an online presence that helps to increase your authoritativeness in your industry.
  • Coaches and consultants who are looking for a platform which offers you everything you’ll need to offer 1-on-1 consultation and coaching services to your clients.
  • Influencers and bloggers looking to build an online community where you can connect and build rapport with your audience online.

Want to experience Podia yourself? Try Podia for FREE Here!

How Does Podia Works?

Podia offers a sleek all-in-one online platform together with digital product and course building tools for creators who want to create and sell digital products and services. With Podia users can design the online course on the platform from scratch or using their templates to create professional looking course with little effort.

Podia Free Website 1

With Podia you will be given the ability to integrate to all other popular third party software and apps, making Podia a complete all-in-one online course platform where iy handles everything you will in in order to be successful creating and selling digital product online.

Building Your Online Course Platform Using Podia

Podia is an easy to use all-in-one online course platform that includes an intuitive website and course builder, let you create online course as well as a digital product eCommerce store, and a community all at the same place.

Let’s head over to Podia’s free plan page and get a free account together.

  • First entering “Your Name” which will your you school name or branded name
  • Then enter “Your Email Address” as well as a strong password.
  • Lastly click “Get Started” and see what Podia can do for you and your business.
Podia - Sign Up Free Forever

Next, just follow prompts it shows to continue registering your free account with Podia. With Podia, it only take me less than 3 minutes to create my forever free account. And here are the detailed steps you’ll be taking to create your free trial account.

  1. Click on the “Get Your Free Account” button.
  2. Choose what types of platforms are you planning to create.
  3. Click “Show me my dashboard”.

Confused with the instructions? Let’s follow me step by step in creating your free account which you can use forever.

Step 1. Getting Your Free Account

Click on the link here. It will bring you to the place where you can create your free account. After you are in the site, you’ll see the “Get Your Free Account” button, just click it.

Podia - Get Your Free Account

Step 2. Entering Your Information

Enter your “Name” which will be the name of your website and your “Email” where you can get contacted. Make sure you enter a strong password as well.

Podia - Free Account

Step 3. Choose What You Want To Do With Podia

Click and select the things you want to accomplish with Podia. You can always add what you’ve missed even after you setup.

Then click “Show me my dashboard”.

Personally, I’ve click everything since I am trying out all it’s features, but you can select those which you are intending to use.

Podia - Free Account - What Are You Looking To Achieve

Step 4. Create Your Free Account

Congratulations! You’ve just completed creating your free Podia account and can start creating your personal online platform to sell your course, products or services.

Podia - Free Account - Dashboard

Creating a free account for Podia is pretty easy, its so easy that I even asked my my wife to try create her own on the platform, and it don’t even take her more than 5 minutes. (She spend 3 and a half minutes thinking about the school name…)

So now you’ve just completed signing up a free account for your online platform.

Podia’ New And Most Notable Features

Podia itself offers everything you’ll need to create an online course, sell the course, host a webinar, offers digital downloads, and create a community taking care of all the different aspect from setup, pre-launch to post-purchase.

With the different features that it offers, there are a few that is worth noting, categorized into 2 main category, it helps user to easily understand what are the tools that it offers.

Sell your work

  • Create and sell online courses
  • Offers a platform to sell digital downloads
  • Create you own online community
  • Conduct and host webinars
  • Offers 1-on-1 coaching or consulting services

Market your work

  • Email marketing that automates you email distribution
  • Messaging and instant messaging like WhatsApp or WeChat
  • Custom website with drag-and-drop website builder
  • Affiliate marketing which offers recruitment of affiliate marketers to help market your business.
  • Embeds which create flexibility for your course platform.
Podia - Create and Sell digital products

Let’s take a deeper look at how some of it’s features is like in Podia.

1. Online Digital Product Builder

Podia’s digital product builder to build a platform that sells products such as online course is one of the most intuitive and easy to use even for a first time user on the platform like me. It uses a flow type course creation system where you can just click away at the different options that is relevant for your course.

Podia offers a simple all-in-one solution to create and sell digital products including online course, digital downloads, webinar, bundles and coaching sessions.

  1. Click on the “New Product” button on the top left of your dashboard.
  2. Choose your “Name” and type of product or service you are planning to create.
  3. You’ll be greeted by a guided digital product creation interface with a few tabs. For course creation you will see; lessons, details, pricing and availability.
  4. Add in all the details you required for each of the tabs.
  5. Once done, just click “publish” or if you want, you can choose “pre-launch”.
Podia - Feature - Course

2. Building a Membership Site

Building a paid membership site can be an amazing way to create a passive income. And for Podia, using it’s community building feature, you can have unlimited members and membership levels on the platform making it a powerful and affordable way to create a membership site.

With unlimited members on your platform, you can create different membership plans where each membership levels can get access to different perks, contents, and offers.

Podia - Community Building

3. Affiliate Marketing Program

Affiliate marketing program is another of Podia’s powerful feature that can be very valuable for solopreneurs or business owners like you.

It offers the capability for you to recruit hundreds of your ravings fans to become your promotor to help you promote your courses and services to new audience, while only paying them a commission when you actually get a sale.

This makes marketing of your site become automated and allowing you to reach a wider audience.

Podia - Feature - Affiliates

4. Ability To Embed

Not all all-in-one platforms offers you the ability to embed on your online platform. Embeds offers not only just visual appeal to your audience, but also keep your audience on your platform rather than leading them to a platform elsewhere.

Embeds increase your audience “stickiness” to your online platform, keeping your audience as you own for a longer period of time while offering a wider range of options to engage with your online platform.

Not sure what it means? Let’s take a look at the example below.

5. Integration

Probably the most important aspect for any all-in-one online course platform, the ability to integrate differentiate the good from the great, and when choosing the best online course platform, it’s ability to integrate is an important consideration.

Podia offers integration with most of the popular third party software and here are just some example of them:

  • Email Service Providers (ESPs) integration: MailChamp, ConvertKit, AWeber, ActiveCampaign etc.
  • Payment processor integration: PayPal and Strip.
  • Analytics integration: Google analytics and HotJar.
  • Webinar platforms integration: YouTube Live and Zoom.
  • Scheduling tools integration: Calendly, Acuity Scheduling, SavvyCal etc.
  • Advertising platform integration: FaceBook, Pinterest, Google Ads.
  • Third party snippets integration: Sumo, Fomo and Deadline Funnel.
  • 1900+ embeds integration: Google forms, spotify, GitHub, Vimeo etc.
  • 1000+ Zapier connections integration: Google sheets, HubSpot, Trello, ThriveCart etc.

Surprised? Yup, with Podia, you are pretty sure you are covered by their ability to integrate to almost any other popular services, and automates most of your workflow making it easy for your to grow your business.

Podia Pricing

Podia offers a whole list of advance features for solopreneurs, influencers, coaches and business to find success in creating and selling their digital products at an affordable price.

Providing all the tools from platform setup, to pre-sales and post-sales, Podia offers four different plans to let you create your own online course platform.

  • Free Account for $0 Forever
  • Mover Plan for $33 per month
  • Shaker Plan for $75 per month
  • Earthquaker Plan for $166 per month (No longer available)

Let’s explore each of it’s plan with greater depth.

Podia Pricing
Get 17% off Podia promo for any annual plans!

Podia Free Trial or Free Account

Podia offers free account for anyone who want o try out Podia, and what’s amazing is that there is no limit on how long you can use the free account, letting you try all their features and get prepared with all your course setup before you row out your online course or digital product to your audience or students.

A premium service such as Podia which let you open and use an account for free forever is practically unheard of and this is just how confidence that Podia is with their platform.

Podia - Get Your Free Account

When you are ready to fully launch your online course platform into a real business, you can upgrade your plan to the next tier where you will be given even more flexibility and options.

  • Price: Free forever, you can basically start a free Podia account and use it forever
  • Best For: People exploring the platform, or trying to see if the platform suit your needs.

Try $0 Free Forever 🡢

Podia Mover Plan Pricing

Mover plan is the basic tier plan that Podia offers, it offers all the basic features you’ll need to create a branded online course platform to start earning money. Although it is the basic tier plan, it offers a while list of features that is way above what a basic tier plan should offers:

  • No transaction fees
  • Full website
  • Community building
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Unlimited coaching
  • Unlimited courses
  • Chat support

Although it is the cheapest plan, the feature it offers far exceed its value making it a great way for anyone who want to start creating their own branded online course platform.

  • Price for monthly plan: $39 per month
  • Price for annual plan: $33 per month (17% off annual plans promo)
  • Best For: People looking to start their creating and selling their onling digital products, especially great for course creator, coaches and people looking to sell digital downloads.

Try Mover Plan 🡢

Podia Shaker Plan Pricing

Shaker plan is the middle tier plan that Podia offers, it offers all the advance features you’ll need to grow your small business further into a company. While having unlimited course, downloads, coaching service is already pretty amazing, the shaker plan can boost the growth of your business even further with these features:

  • Unlimited Webinars
  • Sell Bundles
  • Offers course certificates
  • Ability to search like a search engine
  • Offers affiliate marketing
  • Fully white label your online platform

Probably the go-to plan if you are building a real business.

  • Price for monthly plan: $89 per month
  • Price for annual plan: $75 per month (17% off annual plans promo)
  • Best For: People looking to create an online business that sells all forms of digital products with the capability to grow into a multi-million dollar business.

Try Shaker Plan 🡢

Podia Earthquaker Plan Pricing (No Longer Available)

Eathquaker plan is the highest tier plan that Podia offers, not only it offers all the advance features you see in the lower tier plans, it includes the tools and features required for you to grow from small or medium size business into a digital product distribution center, or a learning center. And this is made possible with these additional features:

  • Includes 5 team seats for free (worth $100/month) which means getting people to help manage your business. (All plans let you add a team seat for $20/month)
  • Integration with third party code where it allows you to further automate all your custom apps and software.
  • Priority support with dedicated support team.

Try Contact Podia Team For Earthquaker Plan 🡢

Podia Discount

With Podia, it offers a lot of discount if you opt for sign up for their annual plan.

I think it is worth mentioning that annual plans will give you the following:

  • 17% off any plans which means you get to save regardless which plans do you choose, as long as it is annual.
  • Free migration of your content and customers from your current online course platform provider when you choose a yearly subscription. This can be very handy which helps you reduce your downtime due to migration between online platforms.

Start an annual plan and claim your discount 🡢

✓ Forever Free

✓ No Card Needed

✓ Cancel Anytime

✓ Forever Free
✓ No Card Needed
✓ Cancel Anytime

How Much Can You Earn Selling Online Course With Podia?

If you are wondering how much can you potentially earn selling online course or any form of online digital products with Podia, check out using the calculator below:

  1. Enter your production cost of your digital product.
  2. Enter $33 (Mover Plan), or $75 (Shaker Plan) or $166 (Earthquake Plan) as your platform fees per month. Do note you need to contact their sale team for Earthquake Plan.
  3. Enter the price that you are intending to sell your subscription service (Min. $29) or online course (Min. $100) or coaching service (Min. $75 per hour)
  4. Enter your estimated monthly sales (90 sales means 3 sales per day).
  5. Discover your estimated monthly earnings.

Podia websites includes sites that sells online courses, digital downloads, 1:1 coaching service, live webinars and even membership sites. Check out the list of best Podia website examples in my other article if you want to know more:

How To Create An Online Courses or Digital Product on Podia

Wondering how to to create your online course or digital product on Podia? I’ve you covered, and to make your life with Podia as simple as a breeze, here are the detailed step guide on online course creation with Podia.

For all other product type offered by Podia, it follows a similar processes thus, by using this guide you will probably be able to create your digital product with ease. And here is a quick step guide with screenshots for easy reference.

Step 1: Click on the “New Product” option and you will be greeted by a “New Product” creation wizard. Here you can choose what type of product you are looking to create.

  • Online course
  • Digital Download
  • Webinar
  • Bundle
  • Coaching sessions (can be used for consulting service as well)
Podia - Setup - Course - 1

Step 2: Watch the resources provided by Podia on how to create your online course etc.

You’ll be greeted by a guided digital product creation interface with a few tabs. For course creation you will see; lessons, details, pricing and availability.

Podia Setup Course 2
Podia - Setup - Course - 0

Step 3: For your lessons, you can create your different sessions of your course, including the different tools like adding; text, embeds, quizzes, coaching, downloadable digital files in your lessons.

You can add different section to separate your course lessons or chapters or even schedule your lesson access by delaying sections.

Offering drip content to your students and audience.

Podia - Setup - Course - Options

Step 4: Under the details tab, just key in all the details regarding your course or product. Choose a nice image so your course will look attractive to your students.

Podia - Setup - Course - 3

Step 5: As for the pricing tab, you choose:

  • Giving your product for free.
  • Selling as a one-time payment.
  • Selling monthly payment plan.

You can also offers upsell which helps to boost your return for each sale, or bundle sales which make your offer even more enticing.

Podia - Setup - Course - 4

Step 6: Lastly, you can change you availability of your course. Access limiting is a great way to boost conversion and Podia offers it for all it’s users.

Podia - Setup - Course - 5

Once done, you can simply hit “publish” or “prelaunch” and release your course or service live for the world to see.

Podia Support And Resources

Podia offers many ways to support new and experienced online course platform owners to be familiarized with their platform. There are generally three ways that you can connect with Podia for any questions or support.

  • Live chat support where you will be talking to real people by starting a new conversation.
  • 24/7 Email support where you can send them emails on your questions. (hello@podia.com)
  • Help center, a self-serve center that is open 24/7 with 150+ articles to help you get your answer fast.

Personally, I think they have really good ecosystem on providing the support that is needed by creators like us, this is a great plus for any online course platforms.

Podia - Support

Is Podia Worth It?

Podia is definitely worth it if you are looking for a platform where it lets you create unlimited courses, unlimited coaching, unlimited digital download, unlimited webinars for your online business.

What really makes Podia special is that it even let you create an account for free, and you can use it forever. Even though it is a free account, you can still create a full website, with the ability to create a community and sell a limited digital download and coaching products.

If you are wondering where to start you online business. Podia will have for back for free.

Is Podia worth it? Yes, it is.

Is Podia Legit?

Podia is legit low cost online course platform provider that offers wide range of advance features to help you create your personalized online platform with the capability to create and sell digital products such as online course and services to your audience.

Podia have been around for some time, but only recently it starts to get more attention. Here’s what paid users say about Podia after using it to create their online business.

“I enjoy Podia for its simplicity and beauty. I appreciate the entrepreneurial smartness in creating such a precise and lean product, ease of use, very fast and thorough support, balanced functionalities outweighs the frustrations. As far as I know I’ll keep using it… It was precisely what I was looking for for a solopreneur that is looking for lean features that just work. I loved how they were honestly able to compare themselves to other solutions and companies… It shows a lot of great signs of a company I’m inclined to work with.”

“I am definitely no professional at figuring out how to navigate online platforms. I found the Podia site pretty easy to navigate, and not only is their help menu super helpful, but hands down, they have the most wonderful support staff who respond to any questions you have that you haven’t been able to figure out.”

Podia is a legit platform online course platform that offers a great solutions for people looking to create an online business. Scoring 4.5 out of 5 on G2 and reviewed by verified current user, Podia seems to be a great choice if you ask me.

What Are The Podia Alternatives?

Podia offers many features and advantages over many other online course platform providers. You can check out my review article where I rank and listed down the best online course platforms that you may want to choose if you are starting an online business:

Podia Alternative To Consider

Check out this article where I handpicked the best Podia alternative:

Here are some great platforms to consider:

How Podia Compared With Other Platforms?

My Thoughts About Podia

Podia shows great promise if you are looking for a great online course platform to start your online business. If gives the user, which is you all the power to customize your personal online platform.

The process of course creation is easy, making changes on your website is pretty easy as well.

Podia - Features - Coaching
Podia - Features - Digital Download

What’s really surprise me is that it also offers free account for anyone who is interested, and with it’s list of integration abilities, it lets you grow your online business into a company that can generate millions of dollar of revenue.

And since it is hosted on the cloud, you can get unlimited potential to grow without the need make any technical upgrades to your platform’s infrastructure.

Overall, Podia offers a great all-in-one online course platform solution for creating an online business without the need of coding knowledge and designed for growth.

If you are ready to give yourself a chance to try out this amazing platform for free, come and start creating your account with the link below.

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