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Best Proven Membership Site Ideas to Get Started (New)

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Are you looking to start a membership site? A membership site model is a great business model for business owners, edupreneurscourse creators, coaches, and even influencers to monetize their skills, products and service.

Let’s take a look at the most profitable membership site ideas for you to create a membership site with the top membership platforms.


  • Membership sites are great way to engage your audience, for knowledge sharing, and create recurring income for your online business.
  • Knowing how to choose the right membership platform, pricing strategy, pricing model, membership type and finding a proven membership niche are key to launching your own membership site.
  • There are 7 common types of membership websites; Content-Based, Community-Based, Resource-Based, Online Training & Certifications, Drip Feed, Product Model and Service Model.

Best Membership Site Ideas to Consider

1 in 2 (50.9%) subscribers stay subscribed for more than 1 year, bringing in recurrent income for the membership site owner. Building a successful membership site needs more than having a good pricing strategy, great membership plugins or membership platforms.

Source: Podia (Review)

While Podia, Passion.io and Thinkific are some great membership platform to get started, providing valuable contents for your members can help grow your membership site.

And if you want to create a successful membership business…

Starting your membership business with proven membership site ideas is key to launching a popular and profitable membership and subscription site.

Types of Membership Site Models

Having researched and reviewed hundreds of membership sites for almost a decade, let’s take a look at some of the most profitable membership website ideas niches for your unique membership site.

Lifestyle and Home Membership Sites

Lifestyle and home-related membership sites offer a place for people seeking to enhance their living spaces and adopt a more sustainable lifestyle. People are drawn to these communities for inspiration, practical tips and sense of belonging.

As a membership site owner, you can provide members with:

  • Expert guidance on home improvement projects
  • Eco-friendly living practices
  • Creative interior design ideas

You’ll foster a supportive community of like-minded individuals committed to making their homes more beautiful and environmentally friendly.

Membership Sites Niche Ideas

  • Home Improvement and DIY
  • Sustainable Living Practices
  • Interior Design and Home Decor
  • Declutter and Organization Tips
  • Minimalist Living Movement
  • Parenting in a Tiny House

Culinary Delights Membership Sites

Culinary membership sites cater to food enthusiasts eager to explore diverse cuisines, improve their cooking skills, and connect with fellow foodies. Members are drawn to these communities for access to exclusive recipes, culinary classes, and wine pairing advice.

As a membership site owner, you can:

  • Curate a delightful culinary experience
  • Sharing your passion for cooking, vegan and sustainable food choices
  • Tips for thrifty shopping

Your site will be a hub for those who find joy in the art of cooking and discovering new flavors.

Membership Sites Niche Ideas

  • Food and Cooking
  • Vegan and Plant-Based Cooking
  • Wine and Food Pairing Club
  • Baking and Pastry Lovers’ Guild
  • Thrift Store Fashion Finds

Fitness and Wellness Membership Sites

The fitness and wellness niche attracts individuals committed to improving their physical and mental well-being. Members join to access workout routines, nutrition plans, and holistic health advice. 

As a site owner, you can:

  • Guide members on their fitness journey
  • Sharing your expertise in fitness, yoga, nutrition
  • Sharing your holistic health practices

Your membership site becomes a supportive community where members motivate each other to achieve their health and wellness goals.

Membership Sites Niche Ideas

  • Fitness and Well-being
  • Yoga for Athletes
  • Weightlifting and Strength Training
  • Nutrition and Meal Planning
  • Holistic Health and Wellness
  • Senior Fitness and Mobility

Personal Development and Growth Membership Sites

Personal development and growth sites empower individuals to enhance their self-esteem, develop a positive mindset, and set and achieve life goals. Members seek guidance, motivation, and personal growth strategies.

As a site owner, you can:

  • Offer coaching and workshops
  • Offer valuable resources to boost members’ confidence
  • Offer personal development

Your membership site will be a transformative space where individuals can thrive personally and professionally.

Membership Sites Niche Ideas

  • Personal Development and Mindset
  • Confidence and Self-Esteem Boost
  • Positive Mindset Mastery
  • Emotional Intelligence Development
  • Motivational Speakers’ Circle
  • Life Coaching and Goal Setting

Arts and Culture Membership Sites

Arts and culture sites cater to individuals passionate about various forms of artistic expression. Members join to discuss literature, theater, film, music, and visual arts.

As a site owner, you’ll:

  • Curate discussions
  • Share your artistic insights
  • Organize events like book club meetings or virtual art exhibitions

Your membership site becomes a vibrant cultural hub where members explore and celebrate their artistic interests.

Membership Sites Niche Ideas

  • Arts and Entertainment
  • Literature Lovers’ Book Club
  • Theater and Performing Arts Society
  • Film Buffs and Movie Reviews
  • Virtual Art Gallery Showcase
  • Music Production Workshops

Technology and Innovation Membership Sites

Tech and innovation sites attract tech enthusiasts hungry for knowledge about emerging technologies, gadgets, and blockchain. Members join to stay ahead in the fast-paced tech world.

As a site owner, you can:

  • Provide cutting-edge insights
  • Conduct tech experiments
  • Facilitate discussions on AI, blockchain, and virtual reality

Your membership site serves as a think tank for tech innovation, connecting members with a passion for the future.

Membership Sites Niche Ideas

  • Tech Gadgets and Innovation
  • Emerging Tech and Gadgets
  • Virtual Reality (VR) Experiences
  • Robotics and AI Enthusiasts
  • Wearable Tech Innovations
  • Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Insights

Education and Learning Membership Sites

Education and learning sites offer valuable resources for students of all ages and interests. Members join to access educational content, engage in discussions, and gain exposure to diverse topics.

As a site owner, you can:

  • Offer courses and online training
  • Offer hosting of educational webinars
  • Curate a library of learning materials

Your membership site becomes a dynamic platform for continuous learning, catering to knowledge seekers in various fields.

Membership Sites Niche Ideas

  • Education for Kids and Teens
  • Science and Environment
  • Science Fiction and Fantasy
  • Music and Instruments
  • Travel and Cultural Exchange
  • Environmental Sustainability

Financial Prosperity Membership Sites

Financial prosperity sites attract individuals seeking financial security and wealth-building strategies. Members join to learn about investing, passive income, and retirement planning.

As a site owner, you can:

  • Share investment insights
  • Share financial planning tips
  • Share real estate opportunities
  • Offer coaching and consultation
  • Offer product or service

Your membership site becomes a pathway to financial independence, connecting members with the tools they need to secure their financial future.

Membership Sites Niche Ideas

  • Finance and Investment
  • Passive Income Streams Mastery
  • Retirement Planning and Wealth Building
  • Cryptocurrency Investment Insights
  • Stock Market Trading Strategies
  • Real Estate Investment Opportunities

Travel and Adventure Membership Sites

Travel and adventure sites ignite the wanderlust in individuals who seek memorable experiences. Members join to discover budget travel tips, share adventure stories, and connect with fellow travelers.

As a site owner, you can:

  • Offer travel guides and tips
  • Offer to host virtual travel adventures
  • Facilitate discussions on exotic destinations

Your membership site becomes a global travel community, uniting adventurers in their quest for unique experiences.

Membership Sites Niche Ideas

  • Travel and Adventure
  • Luxury Travel Destinations
  • Culinary Tourism and Foodies
  • Solo Female Traveler Safety
  • Budget Travel Planning
  • RV Traveling Adventures

Relationships and Connections Membership Sites

Relationships and connections sites cater to individuals looking for love, support, and connection. Members join to navigate the complexities of dating, marriage, and special relationships.

As a site owner, you can:

  • Offer relationship advice
  • Hosting matchmaking events
  • Provide a safe space for discussions on love and relationships

Your membership site becomes a supportive network where members find guidance and companionship on their relationship journeys.

Membership Sites Niche Ideas

  • Dating and Relationships
  • Special Relationship Support
  • Long-Distance Love Strategies
  • Divorce Recovery Community
  • Marriage Enrichment Workshops
  • Online Dating Success Secrets

Types of Membership Websites To Start

Today, there are many types of membership site you can start, and here are just a few examples.

Content-Based Membership Sites

Content-based membership sites primarily offer exclusive content to their members. These sites provide valuable information, such as articles, videos, webinars, or downloadable resources, that can’t be accessed by non-members. Subscribers pay a fee to access this premium content.

  • Key Appeal: Access to premium content not available to non-members.
  • Revenue Model: Recurring income through subscription fees.

Community-Based Membership Sites

Community-based membership sites focus on fostering a sense of belonging and interaction among members. They provide a platform for like-minded individuals to connect, discuss common interests, and share knowledge. These sites often include features like forums, private groups, and live chat.

  • Key Appeal: Community engagement and networking opportunities.
  • Revenue Model: Steady revenue through subscriptions.

Resource-Based Membership Sites

Resource-based membership sites offer access to valuable resources such as templates, tools, databases, or software. These resources are typically in high demand by a specific audience, and members pay for ongoing access.

  • Key Appeal: Convenience of specialized resources in one place.
  • Revenue Model: Ongoing access to valuable resources.

Online Training & Certifications Membership Sites

Online training and certifications membership sites provide courses and certifications to members. These platforms are focused on skill development and education. Members gain access to structured courses and certification programs.

  • Key Appeal: Gaining valuable certifications and skills.
  • Revenue Model: Certification fees, course sales, and subscription fees.

Drip Feed Membership Sites

Drip feed membership sites deliver content to members in a scheduled, gradual manner. Members receive content regularly over time, keeping them engaged and subscribed.

  • Key Appeal: Regular and engaging content updates.
  • Revenue Model: Income from regular content updates and subscriptions.

Product Model Membership Sites

Product model membership sites offer a variety of products or digital goods to members. These can include downloadable products, software, or digital tools. Members gain access to a range of products.

  • Key Appeal: A variety of high-quality products.
  • Revenue Model: Income from product sales and subscriptions.

Service Model Membership Sites

Service model membership sites provide ongoing services to members. These services can range from coaching and consulting to support and assistance. Members benefit from personalized services.

  • Key Appeal: Exceptional service and support.
  • Revenue Model: Income from service fees and subscriptions.

How to Choose The Right Membership Site Idea

Choosing the right membership site idea is also called “Identifying Your Niche”, it is to selecting the right niche for you to build your online business. Here are some factors to consider when choosing your membership site ideas.

Balance Your Passion With Profitability

When you start a membership website, you’ll need to find a niche that aligns with your passion and expertise. While many experts ask you to chase your passion. It is good, but only if it can also help you turn your passion into profit. Ask yourself questions such as:

  • Is this niche something you will be proud of telling the world in the future?
  • Is this niche something you will be happy to continue doing 10 years in the future?
  • Do you see anyone finding success in this niche?

Your genuine interest will fuel your commitment, and the niche you choose will determine the probability of your membership site.

Conduct Market Research

Research the market and understand how the market is really like. Understand questions such as:

  • Who are the competitors?
  • What are the requirements for you to create a membership site on the niche?
  • Is the niche you choose highly competitive?

Use keyword research tools and forums to identify niches with sufficient demand and limited competition.

Understand Your Audience Persona

Create a detailed persona of your ideal member. This is the person who are willing to pay for your membership. Ask questions such as:

  • What is the demographic of your persona?
  • What your members want to get from joining your membership?
  • How many members do you want to have in your membership site?

Understand their pain points, goals, and aspirations. Check if you are able to provide the value that will truly benefit these members.

Identify The Monetization Potential

Evaluate the revenue potential within your chosen niche. There are many ways for you to monetize your membership site, some examples includes:

  • Selling of products such as online course, videos and digital downloads.
  • Selling of services such as offering coaching services.
  • Selling exclusive events such as webinars, online workshops, or masterclass.
  • Exclusive access new content or gated content for different membership levels and membership tiers.
  • Exclusive paid membership communities.

Membership sites offers many types of membership models, understanding the different opportunities for subscription-based content or exclusive resources for your niche is a great place to start

Importance of Choosing The Right Membership Site Niche

Choosing the right membership site niche idea is like the bedrock which your membership site will stand, and its significance cannot be overstated.

  • Niche selection helps you to define your target audience, content strategy, and revenue potential.
  • A well-chosen niche allows you to focus your efforts and resources, increasing the chances of building a thriving community.
  • In a low competition high demand niche, your niche membership sites stand out as authoritative sources, attracting like-minded individuals seeking specialized knowledge.

Who Should Start a Membership Site?

Anyone one can start a membership site and create your own exclusive community where people who share the same interest can gather. If you are one of these people, starting a membership site maybe a great idea for you.

  • Coaches: Subject mater experts and people who have a good knowledge on a particular topic and want to connect with their clients.
  • Influencers: YouTubers, social media influencers, bloggers, public speakers, and even famous individuals can find success in creating a membership site.
  • Entrepreneurs: Business owners and edupreneurs can create a membership site to sell their products and service.
  • Educators: Tutors, teachers, and trainers can create a learning group where each student can communicate and connect with each other.
  • Creative Professional: Writers, artists, craftsman and designers looking to build a community of fans or people with a similar passion.
  • Professional: Lawyers, doctors, engineers, programmers, accountants and sales professional looking to create an exclusive membership or associations where they can issue license or professional certifications.

And if you are still wondering which membership platform to build your free and paid membership business, check out these articles where I’ve handpicked the top platforms to create your membership program.

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