Are you a Boss or a Leader?

A boss says “Go!”

A leader says “Let’s go!”

The terms ‘boss’ and ‘leader’ are often used interchangeably, but in reality a boss and a leader is very different.

A boss is always a manager of his subordinates, whereas a leader is the person who inspires the team and motivates each colleague individually.

They adopt different management styles, build different relationships, and make different decisions.

What is a Boss and what is a Leader?

Let’s find out!

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7 key difference between boss vs leader

Leaders Lead, bosses push

Leaders guide and motivates the team to move together as one. Leaders simply inspires the team and the team follow their leader’s example.

A true leaders always gives guidance and work with the team. These people sees his subordinates as people whom they will achieve the goal together as one.

Bosses push and order the subordinates with the boss hides behind the subordinates. Bosses makes the subordinates to work without guidance and expect results.

A leader commands respect and influence from his team members and a boss commands fear to his subordinates. This is a clear distinction between a leader who lead and a boss who push.

Why a leader is important?

When a team have a leader, it can motivate employees to contribute and create a positive environment for the company and eventually a positive company culture that will drive the success of the company.

Bosses: “You Go!”

Leaders: “Lets Go!”

Difference Between a Boss and a Leader

Leaders Listen, Then Speak

We are given 2 ears and one mouth for a reason. That is because listening is twice as important as talking. We need to listen to allow us to understand others.

Leaders Listen to Understand

Leaders always make time to listen to their employees. This will allow the leaders to understand and talk to the employee on their goals rather than at the employee.

Leaders are people who understand the value of seeking opinions of others into the decision-making process, allowing the employee to feel involved and be a part of the team.

Boss Listen to Argue

Boss are bad listeners who expect employees to only listen and carry out their orders with no questions asked. They do not seek opinion of others in the decision-making process and give little to no guidance on what to do or where to go.

Boss do not build a team of engaged employees, and the employees do not feel valued for their knowledge and skills.

So listen more and speak less.

Difference Between a Boss and a Leader

Leaders Sees everyone as Equal

Heard of the term teacher’s pet while you are studying? How about in the office? Do we also have a teacher’s pet in the office?

The idea of a teacher’s pet is unattractive not only in a classroom setting but also in the office.

Boss Practice Favoritism

Bosses can sometimes tend favorite one of two employee more than others. Opportunities are given to these selected few not because of their ability but because of personal bias.

Favoritism can be due to race, religion or even gender. This typically cause distrust and discontentment between employees, and often lead to decrease team productivity, morale and high turn-over rate.

Leader See Everyone as Equal

Leaders treat everyone equally, and give each employees their opportunity to shine in accordance to their ability to complete each task. While valuing each employee on the same weight as everyone else on the team.

A strong leaders don’t only treat all employees equally and not let personal preferences get in the way of creating a dynamic environment.

A strong leader guide each employee to perform to their best potential.

Difference Between a Boss and a Leader

Leaders Lead By Example

Boss Orders

When facing a new challenge, a boss orders his/her employees to handle the challenge while standing on the sideline “supervising” the work.

This negatively impact the team’s motivation and the ability to overcome challenges.

Leaders Lead

Leader will always “roll up their sleeves” and do the “dirty work” with their team. 

Leader lead the team by example and is always the first to take initiative on what to do and how to do.

A true leader stand in the front-line of the enemy fire and urge the team to follow his/her lead.

He/she work together with the team to inspire and motivate the employees on overcoming each challenges.

Difference Between a Boss and a Leader

Leaders Encourage

We are all human, and human tend to make a mistake once in a while. There is always a time and place to communicate on mistakes made by your employee.

When handles correctly your employee will grow and provide even more value to the team and the company.

But when handled incorrectly, it will bring discord and resentment which will negatively impact the productivity and moral of the team.

Boss Blames

Boss criticize on every mistake the employee makes while ignoring the merits, often harshly with words that attacks the person instead of the problem.

Personal attack will demotivate the employee and increase his/her resentment towards the boss.

In additional, the employee will not be able to learn from the mistake and prevent an re-occurrence of the mistake.

Leaders Encourages

Leader learns to understand the employee and why the mistakes occurs and work with the employee to prevent an future occurrence.

At the same time, leaders give encouragement and recognition to the things done right so others may learn from.

This not only helps the employee to learn from their mistakes, but also to increase the respect the employee have on you.

Good communication is the essence of quality leadership.

Difference Between a Boss and a Leader

Leaders Respect

The past, bosses are conquerors who rule their company by feared. But this will not work in the modern world.

In the 21st century, we do not fight with bows and swords, we influence and convert.

Boss Rule with Fear

Boss induce fear in his/her employee and hope they will listen and perform the task as ordered.

This management style will only reduce the moral of the employee. Which lead to task being performed poorly if it is ever completed.

Leader Rule with Respect

Leader understand that intimidating employees and control them with fear will not work in any setting.

Leaders inspire each employee with trust, enthusiasm and empathy.

Smart leaders understand each employee and give them responsibility to make decisions on their own.

An effective leaders will not only gain the employee’s respect but also to improve the productivity of the team.

Difference Between a Boss and a Leader

Leaders Invest

Good companies invest in their employees. Employees who are well trained will can perform and provide more value to the company.

Boss fear investing in their employees

Bosses have an innate fear that someday their employee will outshine them and take their place, thus they refuse to invest and mentor their employees.

A good employee whom feel underappreciated and sense that they are drifting with an uncertain future will be unproductive and eventually leave the team.

Leader invest and nurture their employees

Leaders will invest time and effort into developing their employees to maximize their potential in their profession.

Leaders will have the willingness to teach employees new skills and help them to advance in their career.

These true leaders will in return, be recognized by the top management to lead even more important task.

“Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much.”

Luke 16:10

Difference Between a Boss and a Leader

What is a Boss?

A boss is someone who holds power in the organization and orders people under his/her management to perform task just because of his/her position in the company.

Boss is the word that most people use daily at work and this term tend to evoke a slightly negative emotion. Some might feel stress or even fear at the mention of this term.

And to explore the true meaning of this term ‘boss’ we look into The Cambridge Dictionary for the true definition.

According to the dictionary, the noun ‘boss’ means “the person who is in charge of an organization and who tells others what to do”.

A boss don’t just prefer certain actions to be done, they expect and they demand what needs to be done.

To simply put, a boss is about supervision.

A boss is to order the subordinates what task is required to be done and to ensure the task is fulfilled.

Boss: “You Go!”

What is a Leader?

A leader is not only a person who is in power provided by the position. Leader guide and support the employee to reach the required end goal. A leader will not only tell, but more importantly to show the way and lead the team on the journey to the goal.

A leader, on the other hand, is a word, which invoke positive emotions. A leader is someone whom we want to associate with. A terms where we used for people whom we lookup to or is striving to become one.

And to further explore the meaning of this term ‘leader’ we look into The Oxford Dictionary for the true definition.

According to the dictionary the noun ‘leader’ means “The person who leads or commands a group, organization, or country”.

A leader while focus on getting the task done, the emphasis with a leader is not just the result he/she could get but also on the process of the getting the result.

To simply put, a leader is about leading with you charging ahead of the army.

A leader is the person who guide the team what task is required to be done and to ensure the task is fulfilled.

Leader: “Lets Go!”

what separates a boss from a leader?

Boss only cares if their subordinates fulfil their job responsibilities. They are more concerned about the outcome. You follow a boss because you fear them.

Leader takes responsibility for the processes and team members who work to create outcomes. You follow a leader because you respect them.

The major differences between the “Boss” and “Leader” can be simply summed into one single point:

‘The source of their authority.’

  1. Leaders Lead, Bosses Push
  2. Leaders Listen, Boss Orders
  3. Leaders Sees Everyone as Equal, Boss Practice Favoritism
  4. Leaders Set Example, Boss Make Example
  5. Leaders Encourage, Boss Blame
  6. Leaders Respect, Boss Belittle
  7. Leaders Invest, Boss Fear Of Loss
the 7 key difference between a boss and a leaders

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My Takeaway

Just knowing the qualities of a good leader do not automatically makes you a great leader. You have to practices and constantly remind yourself.

Place these traits of a leader on a wall of your office, or set it as you desktop background. The objective is to constantly remind yourself on what should you do and how should you act to eventually become the leader that everyone love and respect.

Here are some resources that will help guide you to your success.

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